We’re Classy: What is Boudoir Photography?

Classy Boudoir Woman Posing Modestly

You don’t have to take it all off.

Let’s be real, for a lot of us it’s hard enough to be photographed with clothes on! Chances are that you have a clear picture that comes to mind when you hear about boudoir photography. Well, I’m here to SHOW YOU what my Classy Boudoir photography Sessions can be! We all deserve to have pictures of ourselves that make us feel beautiful without pushing us too far out of our comfort zones.

You can have images that are classic, edgy, and bring out your natural personality without making you feel exposed.

What is Boudoir Photography?

So now that you may be starting to ask yourself if you need to redefine “what is boudoir photography” and why should you consider having your own session? Let me begin by telling you what my sessions are NOT!


In terms of boudoir, my sessions don’t have to:

  • Include only lingerie
  • Include props (we want the focus to be you!)
  • Be for ‘his eyes only’
  • Be photographed in a bedroom
  • Feature only perfect bodies


These sessions are for YOU, and are intended to make you feel beautiful, confident and seen. You don’t have to try to fit an image that makes you uncomfortable, but rather the opposite! When you arrive for your session will be immediately at ease. We listen to your favorite music and create an atmosphere that helps YOU naturally connect with your inner CONFIDENCE. These sessions are classy, tasteful and FUN!

To get an idea of what you can expect your images to look like, check out the gallery here!

Now when you ask yourself “what is boudoir photography” I want you to actually consider a more classier version of this genre and understand that MY sessions are for EVERY woman who wants to:

  • Wear simple, tailored clothing that still covers
  • Have artistic, black and white portraits
  • Do something they’ve always dreamed about
  • Feel what its like to finally love their body
  • Have a modest, classy session without having to ‘take it all off’!

Are you ready to release your inner diva? Treat yourself to images that will not only inspire you but that you will be able to admire for years to come. Talk about a confidence boost! Are you ready for your session? Click here to chat!

In the meantime, check out this video of MY own personal answer to “what is boudoir photography”:

Boudoir Intro Video


And if you still have a burning question before we hop on a free quick consultation phone call (click here to book), you can always send me an email to: kelly@kellyweaverphotography.com

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