3 Tips for How to Get Started as a Women’s Headshot or Personal Branding Photographer

Headshot Photography Experience

Hello photographers!

My name is Kelly Weaver. I am a coach and a portrait photographer based in Littleton, Co. My specialty is women’s headshots and personal branding. I’ve been photographing women for over TWENTY years. I have a LOT to offer you, a budding photographer looking to get into women’s portraiture and personal branding photography specifically. I’m now branching out into more coaching and therefore sharing some of my tips with other photographers!

Tip #1: Keep your headshot and personal branding backgrounds simple!

With personal branding, photographers often think they must use busy backgrounds full of chairs, tables, lamps and couches. And yes you can definitely go that direction. But to start, you can keep it super simple.

Here are examples of a simple black V flat that I’ve used with natural light:

These are all with a white V flat using natural light. And as you can see, I easily vary the poses just by having my subject change her expression and  body language.

This is my studio! It is small, it’s a 9 x 12 room and you can see that I have everything organized super well if it doesn’t fold up it doesn’t go into the studio. In future posts, I will talk about not only about posing but also about lighting and how I use this super simple full studio!


Tip #2 Create three packages for headshots and Personal Branding and include PRO makeup in every single one of them!

Pro makeup is going to be your biggest hook. I can tell you that from my experience picking three packages works (not 2, not 4, but 3). Make your middle package the one you really want to sell.

There is a psychological effect in selecting from 3 options. People don’t want to be “too cheap” and pick the least expensive, and they don’t want to (or can’t often afford) the highest package, so the middle one wins.

Also with PRO MAKEUP added to your packages, you can do a before/after composites that are going to have impact on your social media. There’s nothing that increases your dwell time more than if you have these before after makeup composites I can guarantee it!

Tip #3 Target Women you have Worked with Before

If you are just starting and you don’t know how to target women, start with women you’ve already worked with and use PRO makeup to hook them. If you naturally photograph families, contact the MOMS.

A good start would be to offer a $695 personal branding session to include makeup and three included images. Then sell additional image packages (3) as add-on options. Don’t forget we do coaching for photographers getting into women’s headshots and personal branding!

There is no facebook group to join, nor will you be asking questions in front of fifty other photographers online. Our coaching is 1-1 and you get me! I have over 20 years experience targeting women and building my headshot and personal branding business.

We can do our sessions via zoom or in person. If you can come to my Littleton, CO. studio you will get HANDS ON experience with me. And I’ll teach you lighting, posing, pricing tips and tricks and we’re going to do it together!

If you’re ready to contact me you can just go to my website kellyweaverphotography.com and click contact to schedule a quick phone call to get to know each other. Bring your questions! *Be sure to select “Photography Education” when you are scheduling a free phone call. (add hyperlink to the CONTACT) word that goes right to contact.

You can also follow us on Instagram: @kellyweaverphoto and subscribe to our email newsletter to stay up to date on my studio! To get helpful videos & tips to get your women’s headshots and personal branding photography business started, subscribe to my newsletter and select “Photography Coaching”

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