Black and White Boudoir Photography: Be the Star You Deserve to Be

Are you ready to feel like the star you are meant to be?

Who doesn’t want to feel like a movie star? That is exactly how you feel when you experience our classic, black and white Boudoir sessions! Here at Kelly Weaver Photography we know how to roll out the red carpet and put you at ease!

Imagine showing up to your photoshoot already knowing you have brought along the perfect outfits and accessories thanks to your personalized wardrobe consult. Then get ready to get your glam on! You will sit back and relax as you have your makeup expertly applied. From start to finish, your fully guided photoshoot is an unforgettable experience!

All of your images will be frame worthy.

The magic of black and white boudoir is that each picture is full of charm, with hints of mystery. The absence of color works in your favor as attention is drawn to your EXPRESSIONS. Prepare to feel your confidence grow when you see just how captivating your own face can be! As an experienced, headshot and personal branding photographer, Kelly Weaver is an expert at utilizing light, capturing the source using it to illuminate all the right places while balancing it out with artistic shadowing.

Our black and white boudoir sessions are truly ideal for any woman who loves the look, and appreciates the artistry, that defines old Hollywood glam!


Another aspect you will love about black and white boudoir is that there isn’t as much stress on your outfit and skin tone or blemishes, not that you have any. The focus of every shot is on YOU. Think minimalistic (no props), simply a clean, modest look. These sessions are going to get you images that are:


  • Classy
  • Artistic
  • Mysterious
  • Expressive
  • Fun


There is no doubt a timeless, classic quality to black and white boudoir. Your images will portray a sense of vintage timelessness and truly become classic pieces that you will get to admire for years to come. You will get to choose 20 of your favorite images and get them beautifully displayed in a personalized, leather album!

To get an idea of how your pictures will look, check out the gallery here!


Black and white boudoir sessions are for YOU

These sessions are for YOU, and are intended to make you feel beautiful, confident and seen. From the moment you arrive we will craft an atmosphere that helps you naturally connect with your inner confidence. These sessions are classy, tasteful, and FUN!

Each session includes everything you need in a boudoir session: wardrobe tips, killer PRO makeup, BODY love pose coaching, and finally the confident FEELING you’ve been craving. Your take away will be images that make you move through the world differently.

Hear from one of our clients, the lovely Talia,

“Kelly is a warm and fun photographer. She even has a playlist of fun music that made me feel upbeat and at ease during the session. The whole experience made me feel special and acknowledged. It was like being a model!

Once the session was over and I saw the images, I was in awe; these images were beautifully crafted with her skills and vision. My favorite one will be printed, frame and mounted on my wall as a reminder that we as women, are an inspiration to live life to the fullest.”

Are you ready to release your inner diva? Treat yourself to images that will not only inspire you, but that you will be able to admire for years to come. Talk about a confidence boost! Are you ready for your session? Click here to chat!


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