Why seeing FACES on a website is still important!

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When you have a connection with your audience online, it certainly will help to increase your website’s ability to convert your leads into customers. But how do we do this? How do we make a connection with a lead as they browse our website?  My favorite effective strategy is FACES!! By making your website more relatable and showing the actual people behind your company, you can increase trust and engagement among potential customers.

If you don’t already have a “staff” or “team” page, you might at least have an “About” page. All of these pages provide a great way to connect with your visitors on a more human level and having photos of the team members they may interact with in the future plays a major role. After all, people buy people so they want to SEE how they are working with.

Let’s see how employee headshots can make an impact on your bottom line:


Headshots are like a First Impression.

First impressions are important, especially on a website where you have limited time to capture a visitors attention. Photos add interest to a page, and more easily engage users than just text.


Give your company some personality!

Adding headshots to your website will help to give life to your company and allow your leads to see the humans behind the work which makes you feel inviting, relatable and real.


Form strong relationships.

Man wearing a knit shirt under a brown blazerWhen a lead can associate a name with a face, it helps create a more personal connection and might swing them towards contacting you vs your competitor. Headshots with natural expressions generally draw people in to the friendly staff culture.


Increase engagement.

We all want our audience to feel comfortable in contacting us so seeing faces on a website can help them to feel as though they are reaching out to an actual person, instead of just a random phone number or email address.




The best part of corporate headshots is that they can be designed in ANY way that fits YOUR company brand! The background, the pose, the colors, the location – it all plays a factor and I’ve been photographing corporate needs for 19 years. I am happy to assist in getting you the best images for your branding needs! From solid backgrounds to on-location, I’m here for you!



I believe the SEEING the staff behind the work is the most crucial thing you can do to increase website traffic and lead generation. And it’s not a secret that your audience CAN tell when you’ve used an iPhone in a conference room! Investing in professional headshots allows your leads to know you value your employees & your culture – and your employees LOVE getting a complimentary headshot. It’s a win-win. My packages are setup for all budgets so learn more here and reach out to me today! Let’s brainstorm how to increase your website first impression!

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Corporate Headshot Packages start at a minimum of 5 employees.

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