What separates the pros from the hobbyists? The CHIN!

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We understand there may be a TON of options at your fingertips when you are looking for photographers to execute your headshots. You know you need them – but which path will get them done RIGHT? How can you tell if a photographer is a PRO or just a hobbyist aka a friend with a camera.

My favorite way to tell the difference is super simple – CHIN POSITIONING!  Pro photographers know & understand the importance of how to position the chin to be the most flattering.  It’s not only about camera & technology experience – it’s about posing & positioning to get the BEST angle of the subject. And that comes with experience.



Let me show you behind the curtain and explain a few quick tips on how to position your chin so you look DAMN GOOD!


Position your chin over your shoulder. This is very flattering for woman and it just takes a small turn of the head. You’ll see this a lot on the red carpet! Just moving the direction and placement of your chin will change the shot completely. So look straight – tilt your head down just a smidge – and then move towards your shoulder with your eyes still focusing at the camera! Guys, you can go a little bit more straight on but remember that having the camera slightly above you works wonders!


Chin out and down! Keep this mantra in your head as you move around your positioning. Stick your chin out and then tilt down! It’s the secret sauce. This also helps remove the excess skin that many do not like under their neck/chin.  However, tilting it down too much will squish it and we don’t want that to be pronounced. So just do this enough to keep it off your shoulder, and not pressed up against it.


Pose before you shoot.  Before you start, look into a mirror and practice all the different ways you can tilt or move your face, while your eyes are still focused straight, and see what you feel looks the best for your face.  You should always be shooting into the light & from slightly above which removes a lot of trouble areas, but when you have 3-5 different angles and chin positions – you get a huge “bang for your buck” from just one sitting. You can keep the same outfit, the same background, the same everything – and with the adjustment of your chin, you get a whole variety of uses!


And if you want me to guide you through the positioning, my headshot sessions are here for you! I follow all my town tips so you don’t have to remember anything – I verbally guide you AND show you how to mimic my pose.  My sessions are stress free & fun! Let’s work together.

To watch me explain this visually – check out you YouTube video!


Email me at: kelly@kellyweaverphotography.com

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