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Did you know it’s a proven fact that your mood changes when you see yourself represented in a positive way?  The simple act of looking at a photo of yourself can serve to increase your positivity when you may otherwise be feeling down. When you arrive at your Personal Branding or Headshot Photoshoot, you might already have in mind how you will be using your images. Most, if not all, of those ways are probably in digital form, am I right?

Yes, we live in a digital world and professional branding images are vital for business BUT printed pieces are still NEEDED and provide excellent CONFIDENCE BOOSTS every day! (Or even If you use an image on an email signature which is still “digital”, it’s something that you & your clients will see everyday.)

I want you to at least make sure you are actually SEEING and USING your images vs just storing them in a folder on your laptop! And the first place they should go is on your website, your social media & your marketing materials – but I also offer a few more ideas to my clients to allow THEIR space to be filled with their image too!


Make the MOST out of your investment and get those images off of your computer and OUT where you can SEE them! Seeing a printed picture of yourself in your physical space is key! 


To make it easy, consider our available add ons to your next Personal Branding or Headshot photoshoot! We can take your purchased digital files and make them go the extra mile with these products:


Desk Frame Trio:


This is a unique and fun piece that’s perfect to display in an office or as part of your home decor! This item showcases your three favorite images from your Personal Branding or Headshot photoshoot. I also have it available with my High School Senior packages because it makes for wonderful gifts for family! It comes on a beautiful stand ready to display on a desk or shelf. This is not only the perfect showcase piece, it works well as a gift or to display for your clients to see to give you that edge of professionalism.  A TIP: You can also keep it on YOUR desk or in your closet to remind yourself of your brilliance, your smile and your joy each day! Who says you can’t keep it for yourself?



Framed Portrait:

Showcasing a photography product

We love this piece! It comes in a beautiful distressed white frame that showcases your chosen image perfectly but is also neutral enough to match any office or home decor! (We do have other frame choices available if a different color scheme works better for you!) It comes ready to display in either an 8X10” or 5X7” image with matting. This frame also makes for the perfect gift and a wonderful way to celebrate you! We typically hang photos of us with our family but you CAN add this to your wall because you alone is also perfect. 



Email Signature:

Email Signature Photo and Logo Example

Showcasing a photography product

Are you a professional in your field? Or perhaps you would like to give your email communication that desired edge of professionalism? Then you NEED a custom Email Signature using a photo from your Personal Branding Session! We combine your business logo with one of your favorite images and every time you email one of your clients they will get to see your beautiful face with the additional benefit of that personal touch. Sometimes we aren’t actually meeting in person or they only connect with your over email – so let them see your SMILE to give a dose of connection. 



Coffee Table Album:

Make the most out of your investment with the capstone of printed material! Your photo session contains once in a LIFETIME images. The best way to get these images off your computer and into your hands is with an album that you can scroll through at your leisure at home or your office.  Yes this is a coffee table type book but it’s much more personal to have YOU to browse than a magazine in your office! Having your images to look at and treasure for years to come is a MUST. Your beautiful, chosen Personal Branding images will be professionally embedded on PRO mounted pages complete with a lovely, gold fabric cover. Order this for not only yourself, but your family! (This item is only available if you purchase at least 10-20 images to complete a full book.)



Allow yourself to see what others see: A strong, CONFIDENT, empowered version of you.



If you want to learn more about our packages and discuss what add-ons make sense for you, schedule a phone call with Kelly Weaver herself and she’ll outline everything for you & answer your questions! Click here to pick a time that works for you: https://calendly.com/kelly-photo/consultation

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