Make Your Dating Profile Stand Out with Black and White Photos

Picture of man by a window for his dating profile picture

Dating profiles are tricky. You don’t have much time to make a lasting impression, and getting the right photos can go a long way in helping make that profile a success. However, not all photos are created equal. Even the simple difference between color and black and white photos is present! People generally fly through numerous profiles in a short amount of time, and you need something striking to stand out from the rest of the crowd to encourage them to dive deeper into the rest of your profile.

Finding the right balance between authenticity and making it attractive enough to stand out can be tricky, but altering the way you think about these images can set you up for success. Using black and white photos throughout your profile can push this, as it can help you stand out from the rest of the pictures and make people pause on your images.


Appeal & Expression of Black and White Photos

There is something timeless and classic about black and white photos, as they can portray a sense of nostalgia – or even vintage charm. It also helps the photo look more thoughtfully curated, which can add to the sophistication of the image. Black and white photos are also typically thought of as more artistic and can draw a lot of attention to detail. This is a great way to showcase a different side of your personality.

Black and White image of a man as well as a color image

Color Can Be Distracting

People spend more time looking at black-and-white photos because there’s more left to the imagination. The world looks very different in black and white, and color photos can bring distractions that pull away from the overall message. This allows people to focus more on the main subject of the image instead of all the busy distractions color can bring. Black and white also brings consistency throughout your dating profile creating a more unified viewing experience. This can get people to dig through more of your photos, which means spending more time on your profile.

When it comes to the black and white images, the most important is the FEATURE image. We have a specific recipe of getting your feature image noticed with the black and white conversion AND the way we crop the image. We call it our “secret sauce” for feature images and Kelly will share that with you when you come in.

Black and White Photo Collage

Stand Out in a Different Way

Everyone is trying to stand out on their dating profile, and the primary purpose of these profiles is to hopefully start a conversation with someone compatible. By incorporating black and white photos, you have a built-in conversation starter on your profile. Authenticity is critical to online dating, and pulling back the layers of color on your photo delivers an image that’s more easily engaged with. It’s common for dating profiles to experience overly edited or misleading photos. Black and white is a bold and authentic way to put your image out there, building trust with the viewer that your profile is truthful and genuine.

No one is really going to get to know you through your dating profile picture, but using black and white photos can help cause people to pause and spend more time considering if you’re the right match. For more information on how black and white photos can help your dating profile, reach out to Kelly Weaver Photography today.



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