Headshot Photography Experience: Joanne’s Perspective

Headshot Photography Experience

Walking into Kelly Weaver Photography feels like stepping into your best friend’s cozy home. You know, the kind of place where you can kick back and be yourself without any judgment. Not only is the space adorable, but the vibe is so welcoming. What a cool vibe for your Headshot Photography Experience! Not only is the space cute and homey, but the whole energy of the space is inviting. The very first thing you’ll see is a personalized welcome sign along with a reminder that you are entering the “love your body zone.” Kelly is adamant that this is a place to celebrate who you are, not nitpick at your insecurities. How refreshing is that?


My Headshot Photography Experience

Let me tell you about your photographer, the lovely Kelly Weaver. She’s the warmest person you’ll meet, and she has this knack for making you feel right at home. She greeted me with a smile and has no shortage of stories about the history of the building she’s located in (which happens to be the cutest building on Main St in Littleton!) Ask her for the stories when you show up for your session. You won’t be disappointed!

The studio itself is a work of art. It is expertly decorated with salt lamps, a singing bowl, beautiful artwork and vintage furniture. Ginger tea and essential oils being diffused add another layer of warmth to the space and put me immediately at ease.


Kelly knows how to make you feel comfortable and seen during your Headshot Photography Experience. Before even considering pulling out the camera, we sat and chatted about what I wanted to get out of our session. She asked the most intelligent clarifying questions that helped me reflect in a deeper way on my personal branding and what I wanted out of working with a photographer. To view more Behind the Scenes Videos, click here.

I personally am someone who loves photoshoots and have experienced working with a photographer before. I’ve had headshots taken a few times, but I still find myself getting some pre-shoot jitters even now. Kelly knew exactly what to do to help with that. She effortlessly guided me through different poses, ensuring I didn’t have to stress about a thing. From positioning my hands to directing my gaze, she took care of every little detail. She helped me find various expressions and helped me feel comfortable and expressive. Our session was also very efficient. We got a number of great shots in a short amount of time, then we took a break before the big reveal!


Kelly’s encouragement and positive energy were infectious during my Headshot Photography Experience. She made sure I had the right mindset when I laid my eyes on the final photos. Instead of just focusing on how I looked, she emphasized capturing my true essence and personality. Overall, working with Kelly Weaver was a wonderfully positive experience.

Now, it’s been a couple of weeks since my Headshot Photography Experience, and I’ve had the chance to sift through the gallery and pick my favorite shots. I can honestly say I am blown away by my photos. They capture my personality and highlight my beauty as I am now. I am so excited to share these photos with my audience and use them in my branding.  To learn more about Kelly’s Personal Branding Package, click here.


If you’re looking for some new headshots, I highly recommend working with Kelly Weaver. Click here so you can start getting your own session scheduled.

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