How to Appear Authentic in Your Headshots

top tip to appear authentic in your headshots

Unlock Your Style Potential: Exclusive Tips from a Pro Stylist

Kelly Weaver, of Kelly Weaver Photography, and Kristin Kelly, Style Coach, team up to share their top tips for YOU on how to appear authentic in your headshots! Especially in regards to wardrobe and how to answer that age old question, ‘what do I wear!’ We have all had those days where we feel like we have nothing looks good. Our closets may be bursting but the inspiration is simply lacking. Well, when you keep these following tips in mind  you will not only land on the perfect outfit for your headshots, but have that peace of mind that comes from genuinely feeling like yourself!

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Let’s break it down: How to appear authentic in your headshots


Be Comfortable, Be You

Our number 1 tip on how to appear authentic in your headshots, is to make sure what your wearing is comfortable and fits well! Yes, it is that simple. When a piece of clothing fits properly you are able to focus on your smile and posing rather than use valuable energy worrying that your blouse is too baggy. When you are comfortable in an outfit, it shows on your face! The key to appearing authentic in your headshots comes from a place of confidence, and that level of assuredness is guaranteed when you can focus on your expressions rather than be distracted by uncomfortable clothing.

The Fit is Everything

As important as your comfort is in helping to appear authentic in your headshots, you don’t want to show up for your photoshoot in anything too baggy or unstructured. Make sure it fits properly! A tailored piece trumps everything.

An item can be loose and flow, but you want to cinch it in and fit it to the body. This can be as simple as cinching a flowy top in at the waist or choosing a comfortable blouse with a v neck or structured neckline. Jackets are a perfect way to quickly achieve a clean, pulled in look without being uncomfortable!

Remember, you don’t want things pulling and tugging, serving as distraction. You want to feel like yourself during your headshot session. After all, it is  YOUR personality being showcased, not an item of clothing. Have something very well fitting.


Be Authentically You

Bottom line, the absolute best way to appear authentic while being photographed is when you are relaxed and having fun! This does have to do with your clothing choice, but also your attitude going in to the photoshoot! Self-talk has a huge affect on how you feel and the energy that you carry. Arrive at your headshot session with a positive attitude and you are guaranteed to get shots that you love!

We hope you have found our top tips for appearing authentic in your headshots! Be sure to follow over on the Kelly Weaver Photography youtube channel for more helpful tips with Stylist, Kristin Kelly!

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