How to spot a business branding photographer.

Littleton personal branding photo of a woman on Main Street

Do you know how to spot a business branding photographer?

As a professional in your field, you understand the importance of first impressions. You value the ability to quickly discern whether or not something is worth investing your time money. In this fast-paced digital environment, oftentimes you have a matter of seconds to catch the attention of potential clients and show them who you are. More and more, people are seeing honest realism. They may have a need to utilize what your business offers, but also want that human connection.

This is why knowing how to recognize a professional business branding photographer is vital for your success!

Quality business branding can be one of the most affective trust building tools you can use. Business branding images help to build that immediate trust with your audience. The right images make the difference between a casual glance and the final decision someone makes to work with you. A professional business branding photographer will not only understand what your needs are in regards to your images, but will have a sense of WHO you are in addition to what you offer. They know how to showcase you at a glance!

But how do you spot those photographers who are experts at business branding? Time is fleeting commodity and you want to make sure you spend yours well. Keep these key tips to keep in mind When you look for a business branding photographer.

How to Spot a Professional Business Branding Photographer:

  • They have a private studio or commercial space.
  • They have a diverse portfolio
  • Retouching is included for final images. Professionals know how to make seamless edits without altering your overall appearance
  • Offers options of props to enhance your images and add variation
  • Demonstrates poses to show different expressions and for specific uses – you don’t need to have the same photo in your zoom profile as the magazine spotlight article

Communication is key. You don’t want to have to ask when your images will be delivered. You want clear expectations for when you will receive your final photos and begin using them in your marketing!

To check out some branding photography images, check out the gallery here.

Your Next Steps:

We recommend calling the photographer, have a conversation in order to gain a general feeling for their personality. Is he/she warm, comforting, and kind? Do they get back to you quickly? Do they ask questions about how you want to be photographed? The more comfortable you are with your business branding photographer, the more relaxed and natural you will appear in your images!

At Kelly Weaver photography, we believe that the process of photographing people well is based on trust. Can you let your guard down with this person and let them see you? Our goal is to help you feel completely comfortable. We play music, have snacks, and never overbook (so our clients have our complete attention, and never feel rushed.)

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