Your Best Professional Headshot Pose: 5 Ways

A headshot is more than just a picture—it can be a powerful tool that presents the subjects personality at first glance!

The right professional headshot pose is so important. They way a subject poses has the ability to convey a multitude of emotions and characteristics through the thoughtful positioning of the body and facial features. From the introspective, to the warm and approachable, each pose has the ability to tell a unique story.

Read on to learn about our five favorite professional headshot poses that we commonly use here at Kelly Weaver Photography, that enhance your headshots for that lasting impression!


#1: Female Professional Headshot Pose: The Lookaway

This is a classic professional headshot pose. Instead of looking at the camera straight on, the subject looks away, immediately creating  a sense of thoughtfulness or contemplation. The viewer can’t help but wonder what the subject is thinking about which helps to add a layer of sophistication, narrative, even an air of mystery, making the images more engaging and memorable.

#2: Female Professional Headshot Pose: The Lean

This pose is achieved when the subject literally leans towards the camera either by simply tilting the head or in some cases, leaning the upper body forward. This style of professional headshot post makes the subject look aware and engaging, which help make the subject approachable! This type of pose also shows confidence in the subject, they are wanting to be seen versus shying away from the camera.

#3: Female Professional Headshot Pose: The Laugh

This pose is ideal for headshots and even personal branding photography! The viewer is drawn in by the warmth and joy that comes through the image! This is an ideal professional headshot pose of individuals who seek to connect with their audience and help them feel welcome, laid back, authentic. The business professional only seeks to gain positive results when they are able to include one or two laughing poses in their image library!

#4: Female Professional Headshot Pose: The Lowered Gaze

The Lowered Gaze is ideal for communicating a sense of calm and thoughtfulness. This particular professional headshot pose is utilized the best to communicate the subject’s depth and emotions. When utilized the proper way this pose can help to soften a subject’s features and make them more relatable.

This pose is ideal for creating a sense of calm and serenity in portraits. It works well in settings that aim to capture the subject’s inner world, emotions and reflections. The images resonate with a sense of depth/thoughtfulness serenity and calm.


#5: Female Professional Headshot Pose: The Light Smile

Achieved when the subject has soft, understated smile. This makes the viewers focus go straight to the eyes and helps to give the sense of engagement and warmth. This type of smile is subtle enough to easily pass for a professional headshot pose while allowing room for viewer to feel engaged, without the subject’s emotion presenting as over the top or excessive.

A pose that achieves the perfect balance of professionalism and relatability is one that you must include in your future photo session!

So which pose is your favorite?

Here at Kelly Weaver Photography, you are in good hands! You will feel immediately at ease when you step into Kelly Weaver’s studio. Her calm energy and warmth helps to calm any potential nerves and allows for all of these poses to feel natural! See more Headshots at the gallery here.

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