Don’t Keep Pushing Off Your Photoshoot!

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Written by Kelly Weaver’s Photography Assistant, March 2023

Don’t put off your photo session because you are self conscious about the way you look or feel.

You may think you need to wait to have your photos taken until you lose that weight you’ve been self conscious about. Or maybe you just don’t feel comfortable in front of a camera. Bu let Kelly take that stress off your plate!

Not sure what to wear to your shoot? No need to worry!

Kelly has you covered with a wardrobe consultation and outfit recommendations. Nervous about posing? Kelly will guide you every step of the way through various poses that will help shape and flatter your body. 

Kelly guides you from start to finish!

Kelly starts the process by talking to each of her clients to make sure they are prepared the day of the shoot before you even arrive at the studio. She walks each client through what to wear via Zoom and what to bring to the shoot to save you from figuring it out alone. Then, once you get to the studio, you will have your makeup done by a professional makeup artist — we keep it natural and one step up from your everyday look. That added touch to make you feel beautiful and special will leave you confident and ready!

During your photo shoot Kelly will direct you every step of the way. No need to be a professional model to get amazing images! Kelly knows how to pose each of her clients in ways that bring out their best, unique features. No two body types are the same, and she understands what the right pose is for each body type, to help capture the best YOU possible! She brings out your most flattering and attractive self!

You won’t repeat the past!

If you’ve had bad photos taken of you in the past, it’s likely you didn’t have a photographer walk you through all of these steps or the photographer wasn’t knowledgeable about how to work with your body type. Let Kelly capture images that will help change the way you SEE yourself. 


You deserve to have photos of yourself that remind you of this truth.

Tips to calm your nerves before a photoshoot:

Remember to breathe. Take deep breaths to calm you down and restore peace throughout the body. It will not cure anxiousness but will stop overthinking, shakiness, and sweating. Drink a glass of water and fill your lungs with oxygen to calm your nerves considerably. Remember, you’re in good hands with Kelly. 

Here is a favorite mantra to help with your mindset if you’re worried:

I am stepping into this experience with Joy:

Appreciation for my body

And gratitude for my life as it is right now

I realize I have only one body

            And this is the time to appreciate it

In this session, I will gift myself with positive statements like

            Look who I am now

            Look who I’ve become

            I am proud of me

            Every part of me

When I see these pictures, I see myself

            A beautiful, smart and amazing woman

If I go to a negative place, I will redirect  with love

I am here for me now

Email Kelly at [email protected] so get started today!

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