How to Pick Your BEST Social Media Profile Image!

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Did you know that your profile image is the MOST important image on your entire profile? Not only do people want to SEE you, they will naturally gravitate towards someone who shows personality and not just a run of the mill standard image. You not only want to stand out, you want people to remember you! Choosing the right profile image can do just that!

Read on for my three tips for choosing the Best Social Media Profile Image!

1. The image should be waist up

First of all, look through your images for ones that are taken from the waist up, not full body. Doing this will help to ensure that your face is the focal point and that people SEE you! 


2. Off center stands out

Keep in mind that Social Media Profile Images will be a square. Once you have selected your picture, move it around for the perfect placement. I suggest that you place your image off center. This will give your image interest! Experiment with moving your image within the square, but make certain to fill the entire frame!


3. Capture your expression!

When choosing your image, look for the ones that capture your expression. In fact, you don’t need to be looking at the camera! Looking up, down, or off to the side helps to draw people and gives them something to think about!  Just remember to fill the frame with your face!




You may consider seeing what your image looks like in black and white! This simple change can have a dramatic effect and works really well for profile images.


That’s it! As you sort through your images for that perfect one, keep these tips in mind and get ready to have the perfect profile image!


If you need my help creating the images, email me at kelly@kellyweaverphotography.com!

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