40 Women in Business over 40 Photoshoot Experience


Here’s the FAQ about this exciting campaign!!



We’ve started a new campaign called “40 Women in Business Over 40” and we’re excited to tell you all about it as well as answer your questions below!

1. Who is this campaign for?

If you are a woman over 40, and you are looking for amazing portraits of yourself NOW to build positivity in your life, you are in the right place.  Our campaign is for women who want to show more of their authentic selves (vs. overly retouched photos with over the top glam makeup that does not look natural). If you are a woman who wants to celebrate herself, the weight you are, the wrinkles you may have and embrace yourself NOW, this is the place and the photo session for you.  If you are ready to say, “yes that’s me, and I love that woman,” let’s get started.

Also, If you are also looking for a COMMUNITY of supportive businesswomen over 40 to engage with, this is is the adventure for you. We will have a PRIVATE facebook group for our participants where we exchange real stories of women over 40 who are rocking it in their careers and are looking for networking & support. You’ll get to advertise & network with other local businesswomen and build lasting relationships within the PRIVATE facebook group!

2. What is the experience like?

Our sessions are downtown Littleton. We capture all indoors mostly, but sometimes we can grab some outdoor shots if weather allows. Either way, you will have a ton of variety!

How can I see more about the offer and what is included?

Check out our 40 Women in Business over 40 Website Page


Your SESSION FEE of $499 includes:

● WARDROBE STYLING CONSULTATION: We’ll discuss pieces in your wardrobe that will look great, as well as several jackets we have at our studio. You’ll have 4-5 different outfit “looks” during your session.

● PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP:  Camera-ready custom make-up application by our skillful, on-site make-up artist…we like to keep the makeup natural and light, so you look like you.

FULLY GUIDED PHOTO SESSION: Don’t feel photogenic? I’ve got you. I will coach you through poses, find the right angles and light to make you look your best.

INCLUDE DIFFERENT PHOTOGRAPHY STYLES INTO YOUR SHOOT THAT FIT YOUR NEED:  All sessions will have Personal Branding & Headshot images that are custom to your brand & your need.  But this campaign allows you to get additional images that are focused on your social media impact! Add the fan-favorite Expression Series to use the images for attention-grabbing social posts that increase engagement.  You can also add Stock Photos of YOU and YOUR products (laptop, coffee mug, planner) to use on websites or posts when you don’t need your full face. Think of products that will enhance your selling ability. (If you’re a relator, let’s take photos of you holding a SOLD sign or keys. If you’re a therapist, let’s take photos of a notebook or open/welcoming hands. If you’re an online business owner, let’s take photos of your fingers on a laptop).  You have the option to add whichever you want to the photoshoot and decide to purchase what you like in the final collection decision.

IMAGE REVEAL SESSION: Within a few days or even at the end of your session (based on timing), we will share your best of images, answer questions and give you the steps to choosing your final images.

Get inspired with stories of other women who have participated and hear how they are using their images and celebrating this time in their lives.

After the session fee, you are free to purchase images a la carte for $275/ea. or choose one of our collections starting at $1395. Click here to download pricing sheet.




3. Tell me about the included PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP application?

Having a PRO do your makeup makes ALL the difference. She will get a good idea of what you like. We like to keep the makeup polished, yet natural. Think one notch above what you normally wear. She also has very natural lashes that she can add to open your eyes just a bit. The experience is PAMPERING and luxurious and kicks off your photo session in just the right way. When done, you will feel relaxed and beautiful.

Personal branding woman Denver

4. Tell me about this private Facebook Group?

The group is called “Kelly’s Boss Ladies Lounge”  JOIN HERE and it’s for ladies who are both INTERESTED in the campaign as well as those who have booked a session. I wanted to create a safe space for women over 40 to share golden nuggets about their lives now and inspire the other members. You will see behind the scenes VIDEOS of the women’s session, 1-1 interviews with them, and images from the sessions.


5. I’m ready to move forward, what’s next?

  1. I’m ready to BOOK IT and grab my spot. Click here to book.
  2. I’d love to talk to Kelly a bit more first: Book phone consult here and I’ll answer all your lingering questions!
  3. I’m taking baby steps now, but I’d still like to join your private Facebook Page where I can see behind the scenes videos, and hear stories of the other women involved: Join the Private VIP Facebook page here!

Can’t wait to meet you and have you be a part of our 40 Women in Business Over 40 Project!

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