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Littleton Headshot of a Man

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Most of the time, prospects are coming into contact with you and your brand via a very small icon in the shape of a circle or square on a social media platform. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so here are some tips to make sure you are taking advantage of a very small, yet hugely important piece of your online presence.

1. Headshot profile images should be waist up and CLOSER

You want to begin your photo search by looking for images that are fairly close up to begin with so that when you crop into them, you do not lose important pixel data. A blurry icon image will not look professional. Find a few of your favorite photos and try cropping them in the “edit profile icon” pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, and all of your social media profiles. Don’t be afraid to crop IN TIGHT.

Littleton Headshot of a Man

2. Your headshot profile should have a GREAT expression

Sometimes, a great expression happens on your face when you are not looking directly at the camera. That is completely fine! A headshot is more captivating when your expression is filled with personality.  Our goal is to HELP you create those expressions, so there’s no need to worry. How do you want people to feel about you and what is your message to your audience? Make sure your expression matches your brand’s overall marketing message.

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3. Fill the profile icon with your face.

Since most profile icons are tiny, you want to occupy the majority of the real estate that is given with your face. This helps people to feel connected to you right away, which is so important these days when everyone is staring at screens all the time! Make sure your audience can see you and feel connected to you by having a large part of the icon be filled with your face. Keep in mind that you do not need to center your face perfectly in the middle. Play with the crop of your profile image to be off-centered to add visual interest.

Learning about different size profile photos


Be sure to check out the video I made explaining these concepts so that your profile image can correctly represent you:

Take the next step to get your new headshot profile

In order to have a great profile image, you need great photos! Let us help you with headshots that are FULL of expression and personality. The profile images we create will attract the RIGHT client.

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