What to wear for professional headshots female – Go with black!

Ladies, ever wonder what to wear for your Denver headshot session? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a tip about what to wear that works for every one of our female clients, EVERY time.

Ready for it? Wear BLACK and use a BLACK background.

Why does wearing black against black work?

1. Your audience can “feel you”

Now especially, your audience not only wants to “see you” they want to FEEL YOU. You want to show who you are and what it would feel like for your clients to work with you.

Without the distraction of color, people SEE your face, they notice the subtleties in your expression and they look right into your eyes.

At our studio downtown Littleton, we have created an EXPRESSIONS series specifically to create images that CAPTURE a feeling. All aspects and sides of you. These headshots are not your everyday “smile and look at the camera” pictures. They are FILLED with you. And guess what? The more sides of YOU you show, the more intrigued your audience becomes.

You become more interesting. And now you have tons of “caption worthy” images to show on social media. Heck, have a contest. Show a fun image of you and ask your audience to “add a caption”.

Notice how these images make you “feel” something, and HOW they make you feel. The feeling these images create should represent you and attract clients that “fit” you best.

This is actually ME! I’m a photographer (obviously) and wanted to create a feeling of intuition and ease.

Denver headshot of a female hugging herself and looking down

This image is for a coach who works directly with empowering women. Notice the nurturing, connected feeling it creates.

2. Black makes your face pop

When you have busy patterns and colors, your audience “goes there” (away from your face). With black on black, your face is what we see. The black creates a classic, timeless look, and we go RIGHT to your eyes and connect with you. And yes, eyes are the window to your soul. And boy do we need connection more than ever.  And not only connection with others, connection to yourself. When YOU see these images, YOU will see yourself like you never have. When you love your images and feel connected to them, others will notice.

headshot of a woman in denver looking into the camera

When this client saw her images for the first time, she said she saw herself.

3. Varying the poses is EASY with black

I’ve noticed as a photographer, I feel like I’m in my “flow” when I am photographing with black. Black is the background that I can create the MOST variety on in just one setting. By just varying the hands a bit or going off-center, I can create about 5+ varieties that are subtle and effective. Every one of these images below is slightly different, but equally as compelling. And, it took only seconds to change these poses/facial expressions.

Denver headshots for a female that shows black as a great option for what to wear Denver headshot of a woman with black Denver headshot of a business professional woman wearing black

4. Black is perfect for your Website Banner

Again, because there is no distraction of color, I use black on black to create the most compelling website banner images. I purposely had this client wear her favorite jewelry and black top. Then, I photographed her OFF-CENTER leaving just enough room for her to put a logo/copy in the negative space. The result? A perfect horizontal image for her website banner!

Black makes your website banners rock!

5. Black makes black and white images even better

Black and white is making a comeback!! Black and white images are timeless, classic. They are especially appropriate if you are in a creative field. Notice how this client (who is a designer) looks more artistic and her jewelry pops also. I also photographed her more artistically: off center, slight crop off the top and arranged the shapes to have a repeating “v” shape. If you are in the artistic field, black and white, on a black ground with black clothing is the key to a beautiful photo.

Denver female headshot using black and white

Simple, classic, timeless. Black and white ON black with black clothing.

Ready to give black on black a try? We’ll direct you with the perfect wardrobe to wear, jewelry and fit. And, happy to throw in some black and white images for you! Kelly Weaver Photography is a studio is located downtown Littleton, CO. and we specialize in headshots for female entrepreneurs. We’re here for you! email us to get started!

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