Tips for Perfect Posing

Denver headshot branding picture
Have you ever started to pose for a Personal Branding or Headshot photo only to realize you have no idea what to do with your hands? Should you place your hands on your hips or in your pockets? Hide them behind your back? Cross your arms? No need to worry! Kelly Weaver has you covered for all your Headshot Posing! Read her top tips for posing, especially when it comes to getting your headshots or personal branding images taken. These tips will help you get great headshots no matter where you get them taken and help you to once and forever be able to answer the question, what should I do with my hands?


If you’re seated, make sure to sit on the front of your chair and angle your body slightly away from the camera. Then place your hands on your lap and bring your arms slightly away from your body bending slightly at the elbows. Holding your arms away from your body helps to create negative space, will elongate your torso, and helps make your waist visible! This pose is especially key if you are wearing black or solid color clothing! Once you are comfortable with your arms, you are ready for the next tip: Lean In!






Continue to sit at the front of your chair and sit up tall! Then, remember the previous tip which is to place your hands on your lap, relaxing your arms out to your sides. Then begin to lean in! As you lean from your chest your shoulders will naturally drop creating a diagonal into the lens and drawing the focus onto your face. This posture communicates good body language and you immediately look more interested and engaged! This is key for Personal Branding!


Keep these tips in mind for perfect headshots! Never wonder what to do with your hands again! If you still aren’t comfortable with posing and could use more directed guidance, I would LOVE to take the stress off you! Contact me to discuss your Headshot Session! Send me an email to inquire about my packages: [email protected]
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