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Professional Pictures Tip: How to Use an Outdoor Location

Professional Pictures

Your professional pictures are much more than a simple image — it is the face of your business, possibly the first thing that a potential or existing client will see. We can help! These days, between business cards, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other types of websites and documents, having a great headshot is absolutely essential. The whole idea is that you want to make a good impression and your mug could very well be what gets a potential client past that first hurdle of becoming a real-life customer. Which is what we all want to see happen.

Location, Location, Location

professional pictures, photographyMany people are under the impression that taking a headshot is just as effective inside your office as it would be anywhere else. But the truth is that, like many things in this world, location is very important. After all, your bathroom is an interior, too. Would you take a professional headshot next to your toilet or sink? We sure hope not … even if you’re a plumber. What you really want to do is move yourself outside and get some exterior shots. Though you may not get a lot of the surrounding environment in your headshot, what you do get can work wonders to improve the appearance of your photo. Not to mention the outdoor lighting and the positive feeling of being outside that will shine through in your pictures.

Advantages to Shooting Outdoors


professional pictures, photographyIf your headshot is conducted indoors, it’s true that the photographer will have a lot of control over your shots. When we shoot indoors we still only use natural light, and NEVER use fake backdrops, however, as beautiful as indoor shots can be for a headshot, getting outdoors can provide advantages that you can’t get inside a building. The lighting needed outside, for example, is often nothing more than natural and can really bring out a person’s features and most flattering angles when handled properly. A professional will attempt to conduct an outdoor shoot during the best times of the day and, more often than not, minimal equipment is required in order to get a great shot. In fact, a single camera may be all that’s needed for a fantastic photo. Plus, background items — from clouds in the sky to earthy walls, soft brick courtyards an steel gray stairs in the landscape — can add a literal breath of fresh air to your professional headshots. And if you’re a person who loves to be outside, your positive attitude could very well shine through more than it may if you’re trapped indoors for the shoot.


Choosing the Type of Location

professional pictures, photographyThe type of outdoor location that you choose for a professional headshot is a subject that you’ll want to discuss with the professional. If a photographer works near a park or other outdoor area, the greens, blues, and other colors (depending on the season) can provide a gorgeous landscape that will add real pizzazz to your picture. You may also want to consider exterior backgrounds that fit your business or personality, whether it’s an old building, classic car, woodsy area, etc. A professional photographer can even take lighting and shadow effects from the surrounding environment into account in order to get you the best shot possible. If you’re so inclined, you can also move around to more than one location to ensure a great choice of headshots once the shoot is complete.

Your professional headshot can be a very important part of your business portfolio, even if you’ve never thought of it this way. If you want to make a real impact and get the most out of it, choosing an outdoor shot is a perfect way to make you look damn good.