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As a professional online dating profile image photographer, we get this question a lot, “Do I really NEED a FULL BODY shot and how many do I need?” Many online daters think that the majority of shots should be full body. But our experience has lead us to recommend a majority of images with varying distances, mostly mid-thigh up. Your FACE is what matters most.

When it comes to your dating profile images: 

  • If you primarily post FULL body images, you are likely to attract more “body focused” people
  • You want to think a “5 to 1 ratio” of full body shots to closer shots that show your face more
  • When doing full body shots, consider getting more seated poses vs. the standard standing pose

1. Full body images: compose 20% of your session

Standing Pose

Yes, you can do the standard head to toe “leaning” or “standing” images, but keep them to a minimum. Why? they’re not as interesting, and it’s hard to see your face. And your FACE is what matters most. If you do these types of shots, keep the background simple. Use uncluttered backgrounds in order to allow the viewer the ability to see you clearly.

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Seated pose:

When doing the “full body”, we like to use seated poses more. Your head size will be bigger and easier to see. They are not as “old school” and whenever you sit and lean in, it’s great body language! And for those of you who want to be sure you show your “whole self” and not deceive the viewer, this is the way to go. We can pose you in so many ways on this stairway. Most of our clients also feel more comfortable in a seated position.

Dating profile picture of a woman sitting on stairs

Great seated pose for a woman

Seated picture of an online dater in Littleton

Strong, handsome seated pose for a guy 

2. Mid-range images: compose 40% of your session

We love the “mid-thigh” and “waist up” shots the most. Because you can still get a sense of someone’s body type, but they also show YOUR FACE clearly. And showing the CURVE in the waist is very complimentary. At this distance we can also start to blur the background more easily.

Denver dating profile picture of a woman

Mid-thigh poses allow us to BLUR the background

Littleton dating profile picture of a man

The perfect distance to see the body and face

3. Close up images: compose 40% of your session

What you REALLY want to show is your face and various expressions. The RIGHT person will be attracted to your FACE and won’t care about your body as much as you think. Our job is to get some smiling, non-smiling, laughing, and looking away shots to add variety to these types of shots.

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