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Woman standing in front of a window at full light

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Are you looking to try to update your Denver dating images from home? I get it! If you can’t schedule something with me soon, here are some tips to get you looking damn good! The biggest factor will be the LIGHT that you have to work with in order to make your dating photography at-home session shine!

When creating a successful & perfect portrait image, lighting is one of the key factors. What you have to work with in terms of lighting (and how you control it) will brighten or darken the subject but also showcase tone, mood and the general atmosphere (which could be seen as personality in Dating Photography!) This is why it is necessary to be knowledgeable about controlling and manipulating light correctly to showcase a vibrant, textured subject.

It’s not a secret that having a professional do your headshot will make a difference as we’ve been educated on how to control light! I specialize in using natural light in my Denver dating profile sessions – and it’s why I mainly shoot outdoors. But you CAN harness light and play with it at home inside with the right conditions. Here are my suggestions:


1) Find a North Facing Window

You may need to use a compass or a GPS to figure out which way your home sits! Look for the window that FACES north – meaning when you look out the window, you are looking to the North. Once you locate the window that shines nicely into the room, sit parallel to the window. You will notice that the side of your face closer to the window will appear brighter in your photograph. The opposite side is called the “shadow side” of your face.




Curvy Woman leaning over stool2) Shoot Into the Shadow

When you are seated and your photographer is facing you, turn slightly so that your shadow side of your face is leaning in slightly towards the camera. The photographer wants to be “shooting into the shadow” to get the most flattering position. It provides natural contouring on your face and it SLIMS! A win win!



Woman standing in front of a window at full light

3) Time of Day

If you can’t find a North facing window, just be sure you aren’t shooting at a time of day where there is directional light shining RIGHT into the window or blasting/washing out the room. Test out different times in the day and see when it feels right! But in general, North facing windows don’t have this problem as they are using good anytime of day due to their position!

(Unless of corse you know how to control the light and want to use it as a feature in the photo like I did with Linda, the lady in white!)


If this ends up being easier said than done or you can’t find a North facing window in your home, let us know and Check out our dating photography page

Contact me by emailing kelly@kellyweaverphotography.com, call me at 720-201-0402 or click here to schedule a Zoom Consult with me and I’ll answer all your questions!

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