Denver dating photography – does your background really matter?

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So you’ve decided to try online dating, or maybe you’ve been doing it and it’s time to seek out the help of a PRO dating photographer. We can help.

Often, one of the first questions our dating clients ask us is, “what BACKGROUND should we use?” Many feel that background is one of the KEYS to getting the perfect dating profile image. But, we’re here to tell you, after YEARS of experience, that background does NOT matter as much as you think it does. So, that being said, what DOES matter in getting the RIGHT attention online? YOU. Photographing YOU first. Pulling YOU into focus, and softening the background, so that YOU get noticed.

Here are a few things ponder when thinking about the background you use for your online dating profile pictures.

You come first, then the background

Notice the BACKGROUND in the pictures below. See how it is soft and out of focus? The dater is what shows. Notice with the background “soft”, that you REALLY see the face, the expression, the personality. We first look for good LIGHT, then a pleasing background that we can either keep “clean and simple” or blow out of focus. When we have great light, we can make ANY background look amazing.

Our downtown Littleton location is PERFECT at 1:00 p.m. and offers us a multitude of inviting backgrounds.

Boulder dating profile photography

Expression wins over background ANY day!

People buy PEOPLE and they want to connect with you. Your FACE and expression is what your potential partner is looking at. We will help you create expressions that capture attention. Sometimes the best pictures come from NOT looking at the camera.

Denver and Boulder dating profile image of a man with long hair

What you WEAR also beats background 

What you wear sends a message about who you are. Our goal is to help you pick clothing that shows your personality and attracts the right person. The first thing your prospective partner sees is your FACE/Expression, then what you are wearing. We recommend bringing one tailored jacket.

Boulder dating profile picture

Here are samples of an entire outfit from head to toe.

Denver dating wardrobe for men

Head to toe dressing at it’s best!

Denver dating profile outfit for men

Note: shoes are casual, but not scuffed

Denver dating outfit for a man with color

A pop of color that compliments your skin tone is a great choice!

Here’s a video message to our Denver daters!

If you are in the Denver or Boulder area, and you are ready to get dating profile images that capture attention, we’re here for you!

Read what our client Will had to say:

“I can not say enough about the difference that Kelly has made in my dating experience. I went into this with tempered expectations because I hadn’t had a lot of success with online dating. I was blown away when I started getting matches left and right. I am now getting so many matches that I am the one who gets to be selective. The best part about this isn’t even the online dating (although that is nice too), it’s the fact that this has given me my confidence back! I am a new me and I couldn’t have done it without Kelly! Thank you so much!”

– Will, Age: 30, Industry: Computer Technology

Boulder dating profile image of man on stairs

Ready to get some dating profile pictures that get noticed by the right person, we’re here for you. We’ll help you from wardrobe choice, to directing you throughout the session.

For dating profile images in Denver that help attract the RIGHT partner, contact us at 720-201-0402. or GET STARTED here.

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