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Portrait Photography Tip 8 to Look DAMN Good: Just Look Up!

Tip 8 to Look DAMN good for your portrait photography is simple: just look up rather than straight into the camera!

When people get portrait photography, they oftentimes are directed to look straight into the camera, which comes across as cliché. I like to add some spice and originality to my portrait photography, and you can use this tip at home or even in a selfie! Instead of looking straight into the camera, bring the camera slightly above your eye level so that you are looking UP into the camera. This angle is very flattering because it lengthens your neck and prevents the dreaded “double chin” effect.

When your gaze is directed upward, you appear curious and engaged, making your headshot appear intriguing! These qualities are really important because you want your audience or potential clients to connect with you the MOMENT they see your portrait photography, so the more you can boost the connected feeling, the better.

Remember that a little goes a long way! If you over-do this technique, it will have the opposite effect you want, because a severe, upward angle can make you look small, weak, and child-like, as if a child is looking up into the eyes of an adult. Just a very slight upward angle will get the engaged effect I’m talking about. It’s essential to come across as both approachable and an authority or expert in your field, so you want to make sure there’s a balance of these energies in your portrait photography.

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