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Portrait Photography Tip #6 to Look DAMN Good: Nix Studio Backdrops!

Kelly Weaver Photography’s tip #6 to look DAMN good for your portrait photography is to reconsider your BACKDROP!

When getting your next headshot, consider not only what your FACE is saying but also what your backdrop/background is saying. More and more of our portrait photography clients are going outside of the traditional blue/brown/black backdrop and are choosing what makes sense based on what they DO for a living and what kind of client they are trying to attract.

For example, if you are in the real estate business, consider using a backdrop that looks like you are in a luxurious, upscale living room. When your prospective clients see you in this environment, they see YOU as well as what they want to buy. Similarly, if you are a store owner, wouldn’t you want your store in the background?! You want to WOW your potential clients during their FIRST IMPRESSION of you, and more often than not, this happens through PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY.

portrait photography

Unique backgrounds make you appear APPROACHABLE and WARM!

Here are some examples above. These environments “fit” the person and what they are selling. The lady in the first photo is a hairstylist, and she looks like she’s in a beautifully lit spa or studio. The realtors in the center two photos look like they are in a high-end, multi-million-dollar home, and a church maintenance director in the past photo was photographed IN his church next to a bright window. Do you see where we’re going with this? So if you’re thinking about updating your portrait photography, ask your photographer to photograph you in a place that relays not only WHO you are but also WHAT you do!

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