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Professional Pictures Tip 4 to Look DAMN Good: V-necks, Ladies!

Tip 4 to look DAMN good for your professional pictures: V-necks, ladies! Why? Because they LENGTHEN the neck and thin down the face a bit. Plus, anything that gives you a V-shape is especially flattering on the female figure. But not just any V-neck will do, and it doesn’t have to be your “typical” V-neck sweater.

When we talk about a “V-neck,” we are referring to any shirt or shirt-layering combination that gives your neckline an overall “V” shape. This could be a jacket OVER a scoop neck, jacket over a fitted tank, or the traditional V-neck sweater. Just make sure the first thing your audience sees in your professional pictures is the “V” shape.

Your shirt choices should always fit and be TAILORED to your body and go IN at the natural waist. Also, consider a knitted fabric, as it will cling better and show less buckling or wrinkling. (Blouses tend to do this.) You want your shirt to stay PUT. Sometimes what I do with my clients is even CLAMP it in the back with clothes pins or even a simple binder clasp. This is especially a useful tip if you’re strapped for time and can’t get your shirt tailored before your professional pictures shoot. They use this technique on mannequins in stores all the time!

Take a look at some of our Littleton and Denver ladies from recent professional pictures sessions. Three cheers to them for successfully creating the V-shape!

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