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Testimonial from a Recent Lone Tree Headshot Client!

We here at Kelly Weaver Photography just LOVE working with our amazing clients, and they feel the same! Here is our Q&A with Diane Evans, a realtor in Denver:

How did you feel a few days BEFORE your photo session?
I knew I needed new photos and was dreading it. And I was apprehensive about someone doing my makeup because NO ONE makes me look as good as I think I can look. Well, I was wrong. The makeup done by Kelly Weaver Photography made my skin glow and eyes sparkle. I felt comfortable during the photo session because Kelly made it FUN! And she showed me thumbnails during the session, so I knew I was looking good, which made me more confident. When Kelly emailed the proofs, I liked them all so much that it was hard to choose. I have never EVER had that experience with my photo sessions before! It was awesome!

How did your photo session experience COMPARE with other headshot sessions you’ve had?
Working with Kelly was way more fun. I was invited to be involved, and I knew Kelly cared about me and how I felt, and she wanted great results for me. Kelly took the time to get to know me and what character traits I wanted to reveal. That made it personal, special and clearly very effective!

What were the RESULTS of your image?
I felt more beautiful and more confident, and people commented on my great photo. I feel younger, sexier and more professional. And it motivated me to get contacts because I saw how much better I look without glasses! Yay! Thank you, Kelly! You ROCK!

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