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Senior Pictures: Your Son ‘Not’ into Taking Photos? We Can Help!

Senior Pictures

A lot of moms with sons come to me and lament, “My son is soooo not into taking photos, especially senior pictures!” These moms say they have to drag their sons to take pictures. For some reason, boys oftentimes REALLY don’t like taking photos. As a mom with a son myself, I understand their frustration. My son Graham is the same way, and oftentimes when he smiles for the camera, he makes a constipated smile expression! Thankfully, as a photographer I know lots of tips to help boys feel more comfortable with their senior photo sessions.

Take Them Shopping!

senior pictures

My son Graham… actually enjoying his photo session!

Okay, so boys don’t usually like shopping, but when you take them out for something specific, they then feel like they’re on a mission. Picking out a great outfit for their senior pictures helps them get into the groove a little and helps them ease into the idea of taking photos. Taking them shopping also gives you and your son some time to bond, and it can be a lot of fun! Before you go shopping, make sure to speak with me because I have all sorts of wonderful advice on how to pick colors, textures, cuts, etc. to make sure your son’s eyes POP in his senior pictures and to make him feel comfortable in what he is wearing.

Our Secret Weapon!

My team helps boys ROCK their senior photo session. For example, my assistant Janie is younger so can relate to them, and she is HILARIOUS! She always has them laughing after a short while, and humor really helps loosen tension and makes them feel more comfortable. And the way I approach photography really makes the boys actually ENJOY their session. I make my business about connecting, like a casual conversation, and ironically I like a lot of music high school boys like, so I can easily relate to them and break the ice.

Parents, Give Your Sons SPACE!

senior picture ideas

Wearing their fave cap can help them feel more comfortable, too.

When your son is having his session, it’s best to give your sons the space they need to get comfortable with me and my team. The more people watching them, the less comfortable they will feel, and the harder it is to capture that winning, authentic smile. The great thing is my offices are located in the heart of downtown near fun cafés, so when your son is having his session for his senior pictures, plan to have some “me time” and enjoy a cup of tea or espresso!

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