Senior Pictures: Creatives “Takin’ it to the Streets”

We here at Kelly Weaver Photography just LOVE to capture students’ unique personalities for their senior pictures, and our studio is PERFECTLY located for seniors who are creative or artistic because our nearby streets and alleyways really enrich their photos.

5T3B9605A variety of creatives love “takin’ it to the streets” when they work with us. We’ve photographed a tons of creative senior pictures for students who are artists, dancers, and more! For example, Gabrielle is a violinist, singer AND even an engineer. Her senior pictures are outside our studio, and the splashes of color and interesting architectural components really add to her artistic side.

Street and urban shots are particularly great for artists because the backgrounds we use ARE art. Some of the creative components we can use are: the crackly, paint-peeling wall surfaces in alleyways, the beautifully engraved gray columns, an old town hall built in the late 1800s, a cottage with crusty white paint that looks like an artist’s studio, striking banisters, stairways, and even textured walls right next to dumpsters, surprisingly! All these SPEAK art and can really enhance senior pictures. We believe successful senior pictures “tell a story” and “paint a picture” just like the artist we’re capturing in the photos. When people look at your senior pictures, they will remember how and what they FEEL and the STORY that is conveyed, so the more creative you can be in your pictures, the more memorable you will be. And don’t forget that what makes you the MOST memorable is by being the amazing YOU!

portrait photography

Ballet dancers LOVE our white shed because their cheek-colored ballet shoes and blush colored-ballet dresses look PERFECT with it.






senior pictures

Tattoo artists DIG the repeating lines of the banisters, so we often have them do a lean-over pose to highlight their arm TATTOOS.







senior pictures

Often combining outdoors with indoors for actresses and actors, we gather a VARIETY of shots featuring different sides of their personality, OR we customize the shots for certain roles. They LOVE our studio’s soft window light, which adds a “capture your attention” vibe that’s perfect for appealing to casting agents.



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