Senior Picture Ideas: When to Take Senior Photos? Now!

The new school year is just around the corner, so it’s time to stop procrastinating and get your senior photos now! We offer a variety of senior picture ideas to fit many types of personalities. Kelly Weaver Photography strives to capture the unique personality of each and every student and client; that is, we don’t do cookie-cutter senior sessions!

Depending on your budget, we offer a few options:

Senior Picture Ideas ~ On-Campus Sessions

senior picture ideas

Example of outdoor session

On-campus sessions are the cheapest option (around $10-$20) because we volunteer our
time for all students to get a great shot for the yearbook, and we offer some discount package options for prints. The cons to this options are students are all lined up, so you do not have any privacy, there is only one background choice, and we only have about 10 minutes with each student, so you do not have the chance to warm up. It’s a very quick session. The good thing is the background choice is outdoors, so at least your photo will blend in with other students who select more robust packages.

Senior Picture Ideas ~ Signature Session

Our senior picture ideas for Signature senior sessions are that they last longer than the on-campus sessions because they are about 30 minutes, which is huge because it gives you a little more time to get comfortable. There’s time to move around and do a few poses and we offer 1-2 backgrounds in a PRIVATE location, so no one will be watching you — except me, of course! You will have 10 proofs to choose from, and the yearbook photo is included. AND you even get to pick what photos you want à la carte with no minimum purchase!

Senior Picture Ideas ~ Regular Sessions

Example of an urban background

Regular Sessions cost the most — but these sessions are definitely the most valuable for the client because this is when we really have the time needed to capture that absolutely amazing shot of you. You will also be in a private location, and because we have more time together, you can choose from a variety of background options, such as the Highline Canal, which is great because everyone’s personality is unique, so choosing a background that corresponds to your uniqueness will only enhance your beautiful senior photo. The Highline Canal is beautiful and a typical Colorado scape with tall, wild grass, alleyways, bridges, 20-foot walls, and even contemporary,edgy, out-of-the-box backgrounds. Plenty of senior picture ideas here! The BIGGEST benefit of this session is that you get 20-30 proofs, 3 different outfit options, and a TON more variety. This session also is really beneficial for students who aren’t photogenic because it takes TIME to build rapport and to loosen up to capture that winning smile. PLUS, we even do a personality profile to get to know the student first because we take pride in bringing out the best in everyone.

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