Senior Picture Ideas: Girls and Boys Posing with their Toys

At Kelly Weaver Photography, we are passionate about senior pictures coupled with sports, and we take the time to get to know each athlete and help them develop senior picture ideas that make their photo session unique! It’s a lot of fun to have girls and boys posing with their toys.

senior_picture_ideas_5T3B7964Mothers typically think of their sons doing sports pictures, but we have had many girls pose with their gear. One of our clients, Ande, posed with a snowboard, which is a great touch and really shows her love for the sport. It’s also awesome that her purple shirt matches the colors on her board! It’s one of many senior picture ideas to keep in mind if you do choose to pose with gear because you don’t want the gear clashing with your outfit or feeling out of place. If you’re into baseball, another client, Cole, has a ball he’s posing — but this shot is extra neat because it’s an action shot with him throwing the ball in the air. You can get all suited up or even keep it casual like Cole does in his photo.

senior picture ideasYou could also pose with pointe shoes, or a lacrosse stick, or wear your letter jackets! Students also get letter jackets for academics and music, so you don’t have to be into traditional sports to show off your passion. Another client of ours, Sara, choose to pose with her pointe shoes, and it looks really natural and unique because she is holding them over the shoulder and looking back at the camera. Fun!

Keep in mind these senior picture ideas don’t have to be for the yearbook. When you create your graduation announcement, you can have a collage of several sides of you, so if you don’t want a sporty shot for the yearbook, it’s lots of fun to show your family and friends your personality by having a variety of senior photo shots.

senior picturesWe have the PERFECT background to feature all of your sports props — and they are NOT your typical field shot with the bat over the shoulder. The nearby alleyway is perfect, and that’s exactly where we photographed Cole, throwing his ball up in the air with one hand, and wearing his glove in the other.

Bring your GAME FACE on or your LOVE for the sport, and we will give you some senior picture ideas to capture that competitive fun side of you.