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Professional Pictures: Companies, Update Your Team Photos!

professional picturesHas your company already done professional pictures of your employees, but you recently added some new people to your team? Well, Kelly Weaver Photography can visit your office, capture the new employees, AND even take a new group photo of the team. Having the most up-to-date photos of your team is great for your marketing materials and website. AND if you’ve worked with us before, we can even come back at a discounted rate to make sure your website stays current and includes the current team members.

5T3B6387We recently shot professional pictures for Integrated People Solutions, a company that provides strategic human resources consulting and retained executive searches to industry-leading companies. They review your business goals and build people solutions to support business plans.

5T3B6403As you can see in their group photo, it’s warm and inviting. And they even included a dog for that extra special touch! Any prospective client seeing this photo will feel welcome and optimistic, and since it’s Integrated People Solution’s job to recruit executives, it’s important that their clients feel comfortable and at ease. The job-hunting industry can be very challenging and stressful for both companies searching for talent and executives looking for work, so I included Integrated People Solution’s brand and working style in these professional pictures so that their clients really can get a sense of what it’s like to work with them–just by looking at the photos! Photos really do tell a story, and if the photo is taken correctly, it can be POWERFUL.

5T3B6381All too often, companies use outdated company photos and group shots, which can reflect poorly on the company because they aren’t including the new employees into their brand image, website, or marketing materials. And your new employees may feel left out. When companies invest in professional pictures and do group shots, it boosts morale of the team members, and the shoot actually becomes an EXPERIENCE, an opportunity for the employees to let their guard down and even bond. Like I say, I love making my clients smile and laugh during their photo sessions, so if you get your team members to laugh together, they not only will have a lot of fun but also will feel more connected to the team, the company, and the mission. One of my gifts is really to make my photo sessions fun and exciting. You’re not just sitting there smiling; together we create an experience that puts you and your company in the best light.

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