When Selecting Your High School Senior Photography, More Isn’t Always Better

Learn why MORE proofs, outfits, locations isn’t always better for Senior pictures

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1. Does having 200 senior proofs in a gallery freak you out? It should!

When there are too many proofs to go through it can lead to analysis paralysis and the photographer isn’t doing you any favors if they provide that many. Most commonly, if you get that many proofs, it means you are dealing with a hobbyist photographer because they have to take a lot of images to make sure they get it right.

You are likely to be picking from 10 proofs in a series that look almost exactly alike. Professional photographers don’t need to take as many images because we usually get it right in 2-3 shots. WE cull the images down to only 30-50 max so it’s much easier for our clients to pick their favorites! Like you see below, you will have 2-3 in the same area but all with different expressions, not 10 of the SAME!

Like a fine dining experience, we just have the BEST of the best images on our menu so that you can enjoy everything you see!



2. Leave the nitty gritty to a Senior Professional Photographer

Photographers that DUMP 100’s of digital files in a gallery are leaving the hard work up to you.

We bet you are not a professional retoucher, printer or photoshop expert. The clients that come to us know little about the process of acquiring professionally printed images to display. It’s our job to take the role of capturing and delivering high quality, retouched portraits, so you don’t have to!

If you are given unedited images by a hobbyist, you will need to upload them to a printer and the quality may be questionable because it’s a consumer lab.

ALL of the images that you get should be retouched, but it’s doubtful if you are getting 100’s of digital photo files that they are all retouched. Do you really want a shiny forehead, blemishes on your cheek or yellow teeth from the coffee you drink?

Most photographers who ONLY provide digital files often do it because it’s easier for THEM. It’s not true customer service. We believe the best approach is to provide packages that include PRO products (things YOU can’t get on your own) as well as a select few digital files… all retouched and fabulous!


3. Outfit Overwhelm-Oh My!

Why not a tons of outfits? Since most photographers know that the MORE outfits their clients wear, the MORE they will likely get in sales. So expect SALES pressure, and LOTS of the photo session time changing clothes.

We believe that a few core outfits are fine. In our wardrobe consultation, we go through your outfits and choose those that are most flattering and work best with our backgrounds.

You can add plenty of variety with accessories such as a scarf, letter jacket, jean jacket, and jewelry. Your High School Senior Photography should be about you and your personality, not the clothes you are wearing. We are after timeless, classic photographs that celebrate YOU, not the fashion trends of the moment. As you see below, we feel solid colors and simple patterns work best – classic will never go out of style when you look back on these at your 5 year reunion!


4. Location Frustration!!

The most important thing about your High School Senior Photos is YOU! Our pro lenses often soften the background and pull YOU into focus. The backgrounds we use are tried and true and ALWAYS produce a lovely setting. We’ve used them for years and know them well. Whether you like an urban/artistic look or something more natural, we’ve got you covered.

Images that are more about the landscape than the person in them are wonderful for fine art photography competitions, but you should be the HERO of your photos!

Also, who wants to be driving from one location across town to another location and then back across town to a third or fourth location?! This can be exhausting and take the momentum out of a session.

In our Downtown Littleton Location, we use Main Street to create a ton of character including crackly, peely walls, old town hall, historical buildings and urban street shots.

At our natural location off site, we capture you in a setting with bridges, old wood walls, and tall wild grass.

Take a look behind the scenes to see an actual SENIOR SESSION!


So, what’s the next step?

In order to have great High School Senior Photography, you need an experienced High School Senior Photographer! With over 19 years of making people look great, this is where my Denver High School Senior Photography can come into play! Contact me to learn more today!

Schedule a ZOOM consult with us and GET STARTED here ! We want to hear more about you and how we can help you get GREAT High School Senior Photographs! Or call: 720-201-0402.

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