Tips from a Personal Branding Coach

Denver personal branding coach

Below, Kelly Weaver from Kelly Weaver Photography interviews a personal branding coach about bringing YOUR style into your personal branding photo session. Josh Saenz is the business development manager from Planet Home Lending and focuses on helping his clients increase their brand awareness.


Denver personal branding coach


Kelly Weaver: What does Personal Branding mean and why is it important?


Josh Saenz: Marketing tells people what to buy, branding tells people how to feel. Personal Branding is a way to show you being true to yourself and who you are in your business, then finding a creative pathway for broadcasting that into the world. Images are a perfect way to do just that.


Kelly: How are personal branding images different from your standard headshot?


Josh: Personal branding is the biggest trust building tools you can use. Personal branding images help to foster immediate trust with your audience. They make the difference between a ‘warm welcome’ and a casual ‘hey, how are you’.


Kelly: Do you bring your style and personality into the session?


Josh: Yes! You have to be confident in who you are! Know what type of impression you are trying to make and what you are wanting to communicate to your audience. They key is knowing who your target market is, and relating to them.


Kelly: That’s why its so important to know who your target market is!


Josh:  Having a target market is a huge piece of personal awareness. Without a target audience you won’t have the necessary clarity in your business.


Kelly: How did you keep up the natural movement and flow throughout your photoshoot?


Josh: We are seeing a shift into something more welcoming, away from uptight suit and tie images. When I feel trust with the photographer, I come into the shoot more relaxed and like myself verses feeling like I have to stage a pose. Movement is an easy way to feel at ease and more natural.


Kelly: It takes the stress out when you start moving!


Josh: You have to think, what would I do naturally? What would you do if the camera wasn’t in front of your face?


Kelly: What is your number one tip on how to use your personal branding images?

Josh: The images allow for a crossover between personal and professional life. There is such a blending of personal life  and business in the current market that having cohesive images from the same shoot help to bridge the gap and bring continuity across all platforms

I immediately changed my email signature, SM profiles, professional and personal.


Kelly: Email signatures are so important to give a face to your name when you’re prospecting!


Josh: Personal branding images are so important to your business, and allow for natural storytelling which is key for building and relating to your audience on social media.

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