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Portrait Photography: From Cheesy to

Did you know Kelly Weaver Photography SPECIALIZES in Real Estate portrait photography? Why? Mostly it's because of the location we use. We believe it’s important to be photographed in an environment

Family Photos: Tips to Create

Welcome to Part 6 in our series of family photos tips to create stunning portraits! If you didn't see the earlier ones, here are Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5. [caption

Professional Pictures: Capture Your SPARK

Professional Pictures can really help when making the leap into online dating because it can be a scary and overwhelming experience at first, especially when trying to choose a photo! So

Portrait Photography: POWERFUL Law Firms

We here at Kelly Weaver Photography believe that part of the power found in portrait photography is the environment, the ambiance the photo conveys. So that's why we travel to

Portrait Photography: Job Hunting? Update

Portrait Photography Attention job seekers, especially those who haven’t looked for a job in a while: You NEED a headshot ASAP! It's vital to have professional portrait photography if you