Denver corporate headshots that work

Are your Denver corporate headshots getting noticed and supporting your company's branding? With the power of internet marketing, companies are seeing the IMPACT that well-done, professional headshots can make. What

Rebrand Your Company with New

What Quality Corporate Headshots Can Do For You In today’s business climate, your company’s image is media-driving.  Having quality corporate headshots is the key to rebranding your company and making

The Importance of a Great

Denver: Are Your Online Dating Photos Getting You Noticed? Your profile photo is the single most important element when it comes to online dating. It’s the first thing potential matches

Senior Pictures: Creatives “Takin’ it

We here at Kelly Weaver Photography just LOVE to capture students' unique personalities for their senior pictures, and our studio is PERFECTLY located for seniors who are creative or artistic

Portrait Photography: Try Fun Winter

Wintertime comes with cozying up to a fireplace and being bundled up with lots of layers. When people think about spending time outdoors in winter, what usually comes to mind

Professional Pictures: Natural Lighting for

For realtors, it's super important to connect with your clients immediately, and often this connection happens first with professional pictures. Gone are the days for stale, overly professional headshots because

Portrait Photography: Naturally Lovely Lashes!

Oftentimes when I see portrait photography, I see gorgeous women but with unfortunate makeup choices because the colors are too bold, the mascara is too harsh or even clumpy looking,

Portrait Photography: Successful Photos for

Similar to the real estate industry, which we covered in an earlier post, financial planning also tends to use outdated portrait photography. Traditionally, professionals in these and other industries visit

Professional Pictures: Show off Your

It's becoming increasingly popular for our clients to want both professional as well as casual photos, so Kelly Weaver Photography now offers both photography packages for either two or five poses.

Portrait Photography: “Teaming up” by

As mentioned in an earlier blog post, it's important to keep employee portrait photography current. As soon as you add new team members, you need to include them in your print