Seniors are a LARGE part of our business! Did you know we only photograph 50 seniors/year? Why? Because we want to create a PERSONAL photo experience just for you and we want to be 100% present for it. This is your time to feel SPECIAL…The images will be natural and expressive (and we NEVER over-retouch). When you look at the images, you will think, “that is ME”, and I like what I see. Are you going to become one of the select 50?


We LOVE creating headshots that make you look DAMN good! We always say that once you LOVE your headshot, good things happen.  Whether you are looking for the right client or the right person to come into your life, it’s imperative to have a headshot that speaks to your audience. We specialize in providing headshots for professionals as well as those entering (or re-entering) the dating world. Our packages range from a very simple “one pose” option to  our most popular “5 pose” option allowing you to swap out your images frequently. You pick your favorites, and we do final facial retouch on your chosen images, using our “special retouch” formula. We are good at helping people feel comfortable behind the camera and promise to create a connection with you.

Corporate Headshots 

Even though you’re a small, medium or large company, selling whatever it is you have to sell, people still buy the PEOPLE first. And having those people showcased on your company website, LinkedIn, publications, advertising, speaking engagements, email signatures and more, truly has an affect on your overall business. And because of that, we’ve made it simple for your company to make sure your employees are shining through!

Online Dating Profile Images

90% of online daters say the profile picture is the most important part of an online profile. Do you just post your favorite shot from that wedding you attended last year, or do you opt to have a professional do you justice by taking high-quality, classy, natural photographs that show you care about your online image? Online dating can be challenging. We understand, and make an effort to make it easier on you with eye-catching photos that make you look DAMN good.


Our goal is to bring JOY to your life with family portraits that make you FEEL happy. Every time you pass one of our family portraits on the wall, notice how you FEEL…. it will be magical. Your family and your relationships matter in your life. We plan on photographing the INTERACTION between you, not just a “smile at the camera” type shot. The family sessions are easy and you all will feel totally comfortable.


We offer a simple approach to weddings… you have ENOUGH on your plate during the wedding process, so we are in your corner to keep the process EASY. With over 11 years of wedding experience, we’ve found that the majority of your images come from the “core 3 hours” (the hour before the ceremony, the hour DURING the ceremony and the hour after)…. our package includes those core three hours and you can easily add time as needed. Simple. Done.