Senior Pictures – Young Ladies Claim Their BEAUTIFUL Side

Senior Pictures

Young and very wise Littleton-area ladies claim their BEAUTIFUL side, and what better to celebrate Valentine’s Day? We can often be our own worst enemy and can easily conjure thoughts about things we don’t like about ourselves, especially for our senior pictures, so how can you say what you REALLY love about yourself? One way is to journal about the things you love, post them on STICKY notes on your closet door or bathroom or vanity mirror, and speak them ALOUD to yourself in the mirror! It feels silly and awkward at first, but it’s really empowering, and starting the day with a personal mantra can be a wonderful way to celebrate all your special qualities! Watch this video and see how it’s done!

Watch as Abbey, Hallie, Bri, Abby and Lauren share how to claim the things you love about yourself vs. what you hate. Kelly Weaver Photography is dedicated to changing the way teen girls view and feel about themselves.

A special note: A big THANK YOU to those from the ’12 class who participated in this session. You are in college now and have moved on. I hope you are STILL finding things about yourselves that you LOVE!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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