Senior Picture Ideas: Capture Your Senior’s Creativity

Senior Picture Ideas

Is your senior a “creative” or a “right-brainer?” At Kelly Weaver Photography, we believe that each person is unique, and it’s especially important that your senior’s personality really shine in their senior photos. It is even more important to make your senior’s photo session creative if they, too, are creative! We love capturing the essence of our senior clients, so we collaborate with them on producing creative sessions. Our sessions have included musicians, artists, students with new tattoos, dancers, and more. Here are some senior picture ideas that will help you and your senior plan the BEST photo session!

Crazy Senior Picture Ideas: Dumpsters?!

senior picture ideas

Can you believe Sara is twirling next to a dumpster?!

Our new office location is rich with creative places to have senior photo sessions. One place in particular is the nearby grundy urban locale. Surprisingly, some of the BEST spots for absolutely amazing photo shoots is near…. DUMPSTERS! It’s one of our favorite senior picture ideas. You’ve probably walked past dumpsters in alleyways a million times without ever really LOOKING at them. In this post, we have included some senior photos next to dumpsters, and they really are beautiful! The reason dumpsters work so well for us is because they are usually near unusual walls, or the alcove that contains them has some surprisingly artistic components that make for a fantastic background.

Case Our Neighborhood!

senior pictures

A really cool, grungy wood wall.

With our Regular Session package, the sky’s the limit for how creative your senior wants to get with their senior picture ideas. They can twirl and dance, pose near some funky stairs, lean agains a cool wood wall with great textures, and more. Before your session, why not come by our office to “case” the neighborhood? Bring your senior along and take a look at all of the fascinating walls, graffiti, bridges, stairs, and, of course, dumpsters 🙂 Also, we are more than happy to give you ideas, especially once we get to know your senior before the shoot. Our personality profile that students fill out really helps us get to know them for who they truly are before they have their session.

Posing with their Passion

senior pictures

Posing with passion… in this case, FASHION!

If your son or daughter is a musician, have them bring their instrument or drum sticks! Are they a painter? Perhaps they can bring their paint brushes. If they’re a dancer, they can wear their pointe shoes, or even hold them in a pose.

Because I am also a creative type, I LOVE helping fellow creative seniors have fun and fabulous photo sessions, and I have dozens of senior picture ideas. Click here to schedule a senior photo session today!