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Portrait Photography: Job Hunting? Update Your Headshot ASAP!

Portrait Photography

Attention job seekers, especially those who haven’t looked for a job in a while: You NEED a headshot ASAP! It’s vital to have professional portrait photography if you want to improve your job hunt, especially because job searching has gone almost 100% online now, and most companies first check out your online presence — specifically LinkedIn — to get a feel for you before they reach out to you. I have a friend who was job hunting and a company scouted her out and messaged her on LinkedIn. The funny thing was she initially thought the message was spam! But it turned out to be a real, legit interest in her profile, and she actually landed the job! This is why it is so CRUCIAL to have portrait photography that will capture your true self and attract the employee you desire. Here’s how we can help!  

portrait photography

An incredible transformation that truly captures her AUTHENTIC self!

Tip 1: Use a recent, close-up photo

Being clever does not always help in terms of job hunting, so it’s best to stick to traditional portrait photography, a shot that is from the chest or shoulders to the head. It’s important to use a recent photo because you need to exude confidence, and that confidence needs to come from you NOW, not you 10 years ago.

Tip 2: Select a high-quality, sharp photo with good light

All too often, job seekers use grainy, out-of-focus photos they cropped from a group picture. This usually happens because they don’t have professional portrait photography or a picture of just themselves that they’re proud of. And lemme tell you: We can FEEL that! Even if that cropped photo from a group pic is a flattering one, we can tell that that was the “best” you could do. But we know better because you CAN do better! A professional photo will capture the best sides of you, so you don’t need to worry about how you look.

Tip 3: Unless you play in a drama, don’t do drama

Colorado Professional Headshots

Much more warm and inviting! Hiring managers will really gravitate to the new photo.

I’ve seen dozens of photos in which job seekers have very awkward poses that feel overly dramatic or just plain confusing. Unless you’re an actor, keep your portrait photography simple and natural. Because simple and natural are authentic and can still feel creative! You certainly can include your hand in the picture, but this is often very difficult for people to do unless they’re working with a professional photographer who can coach them into a natural hand pose.

Kelly Weaver Photography’s team specialize in helping capture confident, successful-looking photos for job seekers. After all the hard work it takes in submitting job applications and creating your resume, you definitely don’t want to lose interest from prospective employees because of your social media photo!

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