Our Top Tips for Your Best Online Dating Profile Picture

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The dating world can be overwhelming, but choosing your best Online Dating Profile picture doesn’t have to be!  Here are our top tips for looking your best!

The real you is best. Yes its possible to easily apply a filter or edit your image, but remember that potential matches want to see the TRUE you!  You want to avoid using a highly edited picture, only to meet in person and deal with potential confusion. In addition, make certain that your picture shows YOUR face. A potential match wants to see you!

Go outside! When deciding which photos to use, ask yourself which ones create interest and could easily begin conversations. Do you enjoy the outdoors? Consider using a picture of you at your favorite hiking trail or with a natural backdrop. Yes, it can be fun to include a recent vacation picture or the one of you scaling the side of a mountain,

Relax your body. Avoid looking at the camera straight on as doing so can appear uptight and forced. By simply dropping a shoulder, leaning in or turning your body slightly away from the camera, you create immediate interest by looking more relaxed and approachable. You may event want to consider a full body shot where you can lean against a wall. Don’t underestimate the power a relaxed pose with a natural smile.

Use a recent image! Avoid using an old photo. Yes, you may have a You want to make sure your images reflect who you are now and not who you were five years agoPeople want to see your confident side.

Ultimately your picture needs to be YOU. One that shows your face and catches that sparkle in your eye.  want to instantly stand out from the crowd and the easiest way to accomplish that is by catching attention with a well crafted photo.

If you want assistance with updating your photos to grab attention and show the best version of you, contact me and let’s have a short phone call to discuss your needs!

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