Our Partners

Our Partners

The following vendors have added to the success of our business. We are thankful for them and hope you consider them for YOUR needs.

Action Coach: Andrew Knutson

For us, Andy is our “go to guy” for everything related to our business. Ever feel like you just need to “hash out an idea,” create a business plan or get a clearer picture of your goals? Or perhaps you are “stuck” and feel like you need help getting to the next level? Whether it’s a series of appointments or just ONE that you need, Andy will work with you.



Caterer: Belinda Porter

Belinda is the perfect person to call to cater a graduation party, wedding or special event. She will personalize the menu and even include “Gramma’s favorite dish” to make it extra special.

303-396-2107   |  http://www.ofthevineevents.com

Lisa Castro

Lisa will be doing skin care for our headshot clients, brides and high school seniors.  Lisa prepares the skin well for makeup by offering services such as waxing (upper lip and brows) as well as dermaplaning and microderms. Lisa can also help with acne and pigmentation.

Advanced Skincare is a Littleton based skin care spa specializing in skin care for 50+ as well as high school seniors.

720.810.9367  |  lisa@youatyourbest.net  |  http://youatyourbest.net/

Life and Relationship Coaching:
Dr. Lisa Bobby

Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby, PhD, LMFT, BCC
Marriage Counselor, Life Coach, Dating Coach, Transformational Therapist. Dr. Bobby founded Growing Self Counseling and Coaching, and partners with us on creating amazing online profiles. Growing Self Counseling offers popular dating classes including Let Love In and Find The One.

720.370.1800  |  drlisa@growingself.com  |  www.growingself.com

Wardrobe Consultant and Cabi Women’s Clothing:
Teri Carr

“Aesthetics Matter”, is Teri’s tagline. Fashion stylist, and women’s wardrobe consultant representing Cabi, Teri is the fashion ambassador for women. Her talents in style, color, and fashion are beyond impressive and contribute greatly to making you look amazing for your photo shoot with Kelly Weaver Photography.  Work with Teri and you’ll discover and highlight your best assets and flatter your body type, and in doing so, really simplify your life.  After all, you start and end your day in your closet!

303-990-2623   |   tericarr0915@gmail.com  |   Cabi