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Littleton Senior Photography

Hello Seniors and Senior Parents. Welcome to our FAQ page and to our studio in downtown Littleton!

Our clients pick us because they appreciate the walk through communication, simplicity and transparency we offer. No high pressure sales here and we are completely upfront about how we photograph seniors, our pricing and our unique offerings. We offer a very different approach to the complicated world of senior photography. Far different from our competitors.

Read on…

1. What makes Kelly Weaver Photography different from other Littleton Senior Photography studios? 

After 19 years as a senior photographer, I realize the key components to a successful and FUN senior photo session. Though we offer a lot of information on our site, we believe in a personal walk-through approach. We will never throw digital files at you and tell you to “go figure it out online”. People want PEOPLE to help them more than ever, and so we are here for you. 

  • We believe in creating a CONNECTION and relationship, not a transaction. 
  • Our unique style is instantly recognizable. It is LIGHT, BRIGHT and natural with a soft (out of focus) background. 
  • We provide an atmosphere with NO sales pressure and all-in pricing with our “Core 4” products INCLUDED in every package (explained below). Additional PRO products such as our EXPRESSIONS collage also available. 

Senior Pictures Littleton

2. How does the senior photography process work & how do I start the process?

Step one: Review this FAQ blog

Step two: Review the following QUICK LINKS

Step three: Call us at 720-201-0402 or choose the GET STARTED form to contact us. We will then answer any lingering questions, and get you booked. Please have your student’s schedule handy (work and school). 

Once the booking form is received: 

  • Clothing Tips & helpful hints will be shared: You and your senior will receive CLOTHING tips and ideas on how to have fun and make the session a complete success
  • Personality profile questionnaire will be sent: Inside the booking confirmation email, you will be directed to a “personality profile” which your senior will fill out online. The questionnaire give us the opportunity to find out more so we can best connect with them during the session. And, it’s also an opportunity for your SENIOR to speak to us directly. 
  • Wardrobe Zoom Consult: (optional), but a great way for us to give feedback on the clothing the senior is thinking of wearing. And we get to know them before the session. 
  • Senior photo day: The session will be FUN and your senior will feel totally connected. This is the time in their lives they will REMEMBER
  • Proofs gallery: Within 1-2 weeks after the session, the proofs gallery will post and we will guide you to your private link. You will have time to preview the “best of images” before your order session, and share the profs with friends and family. 
  • Order session: Now you get to PICK your INCLUDED items and yearbook image. No high pressure sales, just pick your included package goodies! 
  • Spring time Graduation Announcements: In the Spring, we will help walk you through ordering graduation announcements, it’s SO fun! 

3. When is the best time of year to do Senior Pictures?

Yearbook deadlines are what drive WHEN we do Senior Pictures. What few people don’t realize is that Senior yearbook deadlines are usually late Summer/Fall right when the seniors head back to school. And we have to back up at least a few weeks prior to meet those deadlines. Even though the deadlines may go beyond 9/30, weather becomes more unreliable the later in the year we go. So, the sooner we can shoot in the year, the better all around. 

4. What senior photography locations do we use? 

Depending on the package selected, you will have various natural light locations available. For Session 1, we use select areas from our “Highline” location. Sessions 2-4 can choose between our urban downtown Littleton “Mainstreet” setting or a natural “Highline” setting near the Highline Canal. 

View our Senior Photo Locations

Littleton senior photography location

For those choosing our FAIRYTALE package, you get hair/makeup, and TWO locations to choose from including our indoor window lit studio.  Senior Pictures Littleton

5. Can I share my senior proofs gallery with family and friends? 

Absolutely! Your private proofs link can be shared with family and friends and they can order directly with us. 

6. Tell me about your packages and what’s included? 

Our packages are unique to our studio. Why? We believe in ALL IN pricing! Our Packages include what you need! Not only do we include the session and yearbook picture, we also the CORE 4 products we know you will need, want and LOVE. These 4 items were not chosen at random, rather, they have been proven to be our CLIENT FAVES, so why not just INCLUDE them!! yes! 

We believe it’s important to be fully transparent with our pricing. Our packages start at $695 (all in), a killer deal compared to our competition.  Each package will include a different number (and various sizes) of the CORE 4 items. 

Because our senior packages INCLUDE so much, there are NO high pressure order sessions here. Rather, your order session will be simply a time to PICK your goodies! And we’ll walk you through that process. 

Littleton Senior Picture Product Collage

WATCH the CORE 4 products VIDEO here: 

7. What is your session fee?

We don’t have one. We believe in an all-inclusive option. Our packages INCLUDE the photography session. 

8. Are prints and products included in my package?

Absolutely!! Each of our packages include a set of PRO printed items (such as 5×7’s, 8×10’s, wallets) AND a 3 pose trio (above). The trio is a CLIENT favorite, so we just include it! You can’t get it anywhere else. Sessions 3 and 4 ALSO include a framed wall portrait. Having FINISHED items is important. We want EVERY client to leave with something READY to display. We are not the photographer that will hand you a thumb drive and say “now go get some PRO products and prints somewhere, I’m sure you can figure it out”. We believe in walking our clients through the entire process from photo session to retrieving finished prints and products. 

9. Do I get the digital files? 

Digital files are a HOT topic. And we don’t blame you for asking. We’ve looked at what other photographers do. Many are what we call “shoot and burn” photographers. They are the ones who take a zillion pictures then give you a thumb drive and say, “go get em.” Then you have to figure out where to go and you only have access to CONSUMER labs. And often a “confused mind says no” right? So the confusion just creates “analysis paralysis” and the files sit in a drawer. And, over time, the media you have them on will no longer work. So, now you’ve just lost your precious senior pictures. 

Truth be told, it would be EASIER for US to just pass on digital files. But where is the RELATIONSHIP building in that? We believe every one of our clients should be walked through the ENTIRE process which INCLUDES the ordering and printing process. And our relationship to you and your senior MATTERS to us. Our business model is based on 1-1 connection. We believe that it’s more important to be meaningful than expeditious.

One of the reasons I’ve built our business model off of personal connection is that I have also been told, “here you go, go figure it out online”.  And that felt horrible. Or “here is an article you can read on that”. It’s hard to find a caring PERSON who walks you through the process. Someone who will talk to you or meet with you. You can count on us to walk you through. 

Over 19 years in the business, we know that a combination of a few select smaller digital files PLUS printed products (you can’t get elsewhere) is the best approach. Yes, we get why you want digital files, but do you really need 100? Most of our clients have a few FAVORITES. And those are the ones we turn into smaller 4×6″ digital files.  Each package contains a select few of these FAVORITE 4×6″ digital files. Use these for graduation announcements, to create small prints for family and share on social media! have at it and ENJOY only the “best of files”. 

You can print your chosen digital files anywhere if you’d like. Or share them virtually. But if you do plan on printing from them, you can do so up to 4×6″ in size and we recommend you do it from your personal senior gallery. Why print from OUR gallery? Our gallery is connected to a PRO lab, and will offer you a much better quality overall. Consumer labs just can’t do what a PRO lab can. PRO labs are only available to PRO photographers. Let our PRO lab print them for you. 

Still want ALL the digital files for safe-keeping? Yes, we can provide the full set of FULL-SIZED digital files to keep “just in case” of a fire, loss or damage to your senior pictures. How do you get the full set of digital files? If you purchase an album or custom print box with 25 of your favorite poses, we GIFT you the full set of FULL sized digital files!

Purchase an album and get 25 digital files for FREE! 

Most of our clients simply LOVE all of the proofs from their gallery. The perfect solution is to let us create an album with your favorite 25 poses. This album will be a keepsake for your coffee table and to save over the years. And you get the 25 featured poses as additional digital files to share with friends and family. 

Littleton Senior Photo Album

10. What do our clients have to say?

We believe everyone looking for Littleton Senior Pictures should review that photographers GOOGLE REVIEWS! Please check out what our clients have to say and note the common theme of walking them through, connecting with them and helping them feel comfortable. Click to see OUR GOOGLE REVIEWS! 

11. How long to you keep the senior files? 

We keep the files for 3 months after the senior photo session. Feel free to order within that time frame. If you are concerned you may want “more later”, it may make sense for you to purchase the full set of digital files. Remember, when you do, you get a complimentary ALBUM or custom photo box with 25 of your favorite files! 

12. What is it LIKE to be photographed?

We know that MANY of our Seniors hate being photographed. Fear of being photographed is SO common, we actually wrote a blog on it: My senior hates being photographed, now what?

You can feel comfortable that after 18 years of photographing Seniors, I know ways to help them feel totally comfortable. And I work QUICKLY. More time, is not going to excite your Senior. 

Parents tell me all the time, “hey my Senior came home from the session and said he actually had FUN”. 

Take a look at this video below to see what it’s LIKE to be photographed! (Mainstreet location is featured). 

13. Where can I go to find out more about senior sessions? 

Check out our senior blogs! We’ve taken a LOT of time created interesting blog topics that cover “all things Senior year”… new blogs will post soon regarding ACT/SAT test taking and finding the right college for you. You can be assured there are TONS more blogs about senior pictures as well. Click BLOG to find out more about Senior topics that may interest you. 

14. How do I GET STARTED? 

Once you’ve perused this blog, click GET STARTED here or call us to schedule a 15 minute Discovery Call!  On the Discovery call, we’ll answer any lingering questions, and we can chat with you about the package options and help you book. Kelly Weaver Photography: 720-201-0402.

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