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Family Pictures News: Our Photographer Brittany Rocks!

family picturesAs our success continues to grow at Kelly Weaver Photography, we have the honor of adding terrific team members! One of the photographers who has been working with us is Brittany. She has a very laid back, approachable, easy-going style, which really works wonders with our family pictures sessions! Family pictures should be fun and an experience in itself, yet oftentimes with other photographers, families can feel rigid and uncomfortable because they feel like they’re posing, and this discomfort translates directly into the photos. When taking family pictures, since there are  usually several people involved, there’s a very narrow threshold between capturing a candid yet organized shot. This is what is so great about Brittany because she really understands this delicate balance, and her approach to what could be a chaotic session really helps families feel comfortable and relax. The family in the black-and-white photo LOVED this shot. It captures the love the family has for one another, and the “pose” feels fun and natural.

IMG_4385-straighten8x10One of the top philosophies at Kelly Weaver Photography is seeing people’s essences and a natural, unique feel. Brittany has the ability to capture interaction like nobody’s business with her funny, light hearted personality. Capturing the interaction of a family is important because this helps makes the family pictures feel natural rather than staged and disingenuous. Brittany compliments Kelly’s style, and her biggest plus is that she has the ability to coordinate families quickly and easily without them even know they’re being posed.

IMG_2519It can be a challenge to get the attention a photographer needs from (sometimes moody) teens and also dads, and Brittany has the gift of helping both come out of their shells to show their true sides. She also is delightful with kids because she has two of her own, so not only does she have the patience of a saint, but also she has an easy time relating to them and gently encourages them so that they look adorable in shots.

What we love about Brittany is that she has a wonderful heart and really cares about the families she works with. For us, the business of photography so much more than snapping shots. It’s about getting to KNOW and CONNECT with our clients and families and making the process as fun and lively as possible. We bring our hearts and souls to work each day, which is how we are able to capture such beautiful, authentic family pictures.

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