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Family Pictures: Get Pics with Your College Student!

Attention moms with college kids heading off to school: Before they leave, why not get some family pictures? We know how busy this time of year is, what with your kids packing, buying last-minute school supplies, and prepping for the fall semester, so we have specifically created a fast and painless, 30-minute Family Mini-Session to fit your hectic schedule.

family pictures

A beautiful family with beautiful foliage!

Now is a wonderful time to do family photos because you’re avoiding the hustle and bustle of the holidays, which are always stressful, and it’s right before your college student starts school. Too often, families wait until the holiday season to do holiday photos, but no one likes doing a freezing photo session outside, and if you do sessions indoors, that limits your background options. You certainly don’t want frostbitten toes and crabby family members… or griping in-laws! As you can see in this family photo, the foliage adds a wonderful touch to give it a subtle holiday feel and also a splash of some wonderful colors.

It’s also still nice enough to sit outside on the grass for family pictures, and you won’t freeze your assets off! Plus, there is some beautiful foliage we can capture in the photos. It’s also still warm enough so that you don’t have to wear tons of layers, which can make you look a little like a marshmallow. Save those for the candied yams!

If you do plan a family pictures session during the holidays, make sure to give your family members and college students several a month notice before the date so that they can be thinking of the type of outfit they want to wear. And make sure to remind your college student to PACK that outfit! And of course, it is possible to get photos in the snow–just be prepared for the cold and know that added layers can make you look heavier if you’re not careful.

Here are the family pictures session dates we have open: September 6, October 5, November 26, December 6 and December 13. November 26 is the day before Thanksgiving, so it’s a perfect time when the WHOLE family is around, including your college kids! Just make sure they plan their layers wisely. Sweaters can be a nice touch because the fabric adds interesting texture to the photos.

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