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Family Pictures: Celebrate Your Anniversary with Photos!

Are you and your special someone celebrating an anniversary? A beautiful way to make the day special is to celebrate it with photos! Lately, we’ve done some very SWEET couple family pictures for those celebrating a milestone anniversaries. One couple was celebrating their 25th and another couple their 40th!

family pictures

A VERY lovely couple! Congrats to them for their 40th anniversary!

Surprisingly, most couples have not been professionally photographed since they were married. So it’s TIME to do an updated photo because you DESERVE to celebrate your love for one another, and who doesn’t love having beautiful couple photos? We suggest not waiting for a landmark anniversary to get family pictures. Most likely, you’ll have a party with plenty of fun photos, so why not celebrate a 4th or 8th or 12th anniversary in a special way by getting some romantic couples photos?

The backgrounds we love working with are foliage or greenery from blue spruce or pine trees, which is WAY more interesting than a boring black backdrop with artificial lighting. We love capturing your natural radiance!

One tip is to consider wearing solid colors that blend. Pick colors that are from the same color palette or colors that complement. You don’t have to match exactly, but wearing similar hues helps. It is possible to wear a pattern, but make sure that it’s a pattern that goes with your partner’s outfit and that it’s a pattern that is small and not too busy. You don’t want one person standing out more than the other! Patterns also can easily distract and take attention away from the face. The most important thing is to dress as though you two love birds “go together.”

If you’re throwing a party and want lovely invitations, we can easily create a side-by-side or before-and-after collage invitation, or we can help create guestbook with your favorite images for your friends and family to sign or even a three-image storyboard for your coffee table. We can also prepare some lovely photo gifts for your family.

Another lovely family pictures gift we can create for yourselves is a sweet storyboard, which is mounted just like the photo above. It fits perfectly on a table easel and is a great display for an anniversary party!

In addition to photographing the couple, we can also do a “combined” family pictures session featuring the fabulous family the couple has created! It’s a great way to include the kids, and you’ll walk away with both romantic couple shots and beautiful family pictures.

Click here for more information on family pictures sessions!