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Family Pictures: Beautiful Photos for Single Parents

When a family experiences a divorce, it can bring a host of challenges for the parents and children, and the outdated family pictures hanging on the walls can feel uncomfortable and perhaps trigger unsettling memories. One step that helps single mothers and fathers move on is to remove items from the house that are associated with their ex. This simple step can make a big difference and really change the energy in your home. Your home should be a relaxing sanctuary, so it’s important to find ways to make it one.

family picturesBesides removing old items, another thing that can breathe life into your home is to take new family pictures with you and your kids! Put the JOY back into your life by having family pictures surrounding you. Spending a day with your kids and getting pictures can be a really fun way to start this new chapter in all of your lives, and it will help everyone feel connected and special. We here at Kelly Weaver Photography just love capturing the joy in families, so we make the photo session feel fun, uplifting, and even sometimes silly! We can also capture pictures of just your kids so that you can have a variety of options for photos.

Plan ahead for the holidays, especially if you want to send out cards. Or maybe you want to update wallet photos. You probably don’t want to use family group shots. Oftentimes, single parents only have photos of just the kids and not one WITH the kids. It can be quite a headache trying to find them, and when you do, they’re usually outdated photos. So instead of stressing and digging through old photos hoping to find ones with only you and your kids, take some fresh professional family pictures with you and your kids! Your kids will appreciate it, and so will you. It’s a nice way to mark this new beginning for you and your family. And Kelly Weaver Photography LOVES capturing beautiful family pictures of BEAUTIFUL families! So you are sure to have photos that make you proud and happy.

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