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Family Photos: Tips to Create Stunning Portraits, Part 4

We’re back for another fantastic series of family photos tips to create stunning portraits! This is Part 4 in the series, and here are Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

family photosClassic is Très Chic!
Since you’ll likely be hanging your family photos in your home, choosing simple and classic clothing will give your photos a feeling of timelessness. You will be treasuring your photos for many years to come, so pick outfits you know you won’t mind seeing for a decade! Another great way to instantly make a photo look classic is to make it black and white, like the photo here. It will take the emphasis off the patterns, textures, and colors of the fabrics and draw the attention to your family’s dazzling eyes and sweet smiles.

Put the “Characters” to Rest
I’m sure your little kids have tons of favorite shirts with their favorite cartoon characters, but for your family photos session, you’ll want to keep those shirts in the closet and choose plainer ones that match your children’s personality and style. You don’t want their shirts to distract and compete for attention. Give your kids a few choices of what they can wear so that they feel included in the decision. This may also help you avoid a tantrum!

family photosSteer Clear of All Black or All White
If you wear solid white or solid black colors, the exposure can easily blow out areas of the clothing, thus losing detail. A professional photographer can work with these clothing choices, but if you’re taking family photos yourself, it will be better for you to choose different colors or using black and white clothing with textures, like a knitted sweater, which brings us to our next tip!

Textures Aren’t Just for Touching
This is where planning your family photos outfit can really be fun! Textures and accessories add dimension and detail to your photos, so wearing a scarf with a soft pattern against a solid-colored sweater can make the photo look much more striking than a plain fitted cotton top. Textures also help create highlights and shadows, creating much more detail to the photo. Layers can help add texture, too. This is where you could actually wear some patterns, too, if you wore plain outer layers with a hint of a pattern peeking through from the inner layer.

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