Embrace Your Fear of Being Photographed: Top Tips from a Branding Photographer

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Embrace your beauty at any age!

Personal branding photographer Kelly Weaver of Kelly Weaver Photography joins with Debi Smith-Racanelli of DSR Counseling to talk about how to help women over 50 embrace their current body image, overcome the fears they have about being photographed and ultimately shine in front of the camera.

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Many women over 50 may be at a time where they are transitioning in their career or simply haven’t updated their headshots in several years and are in need of a refresh. Maintaining an updated image library with professional headshots and a personal branding photographer is crucial for everyone in business, and especially women over 50! Updated and relevant imagery significantly enhances a person’s professional presence and personal brand, especially in the online space.


High-quality, current images reflect:

  • confidence
  • competence
  • approachability, all essential traits in the business world.


However, too often over 50 women avoid scheduling sessions with a branding photographer due to their fear of the camera and belief in their insecurities. These fears most often come from concerns about their appearance, discomfort in front of the lens, or past negative experiences. Women are so focused on the parts of themselves that they don’t like, they often don’t recognize the parts they do!

What we say to ourselves become our beliefs

We need to be careful with the things we say to ourselves inside our heads. Negative self-talk often paves the way for spiraling into a cycle of self-doubt, fear and insecurity. By being mindful of our internal dialogue, we can cultivate a healthier, more supportive relationship with ourselves

Lean into the vulnerability that there will be things you feel aren’t perfect about yourself. Instead, learn to ask yourself what are you hoping to reflect with the images and what are the good parts about you. Focus on:

  • Doing this for yourself verses for someone else
  • Relatability wins over perfection
  • Come across as who you are verses someone you hope to become



The ability to overcome these fears can take time, but is necessary process for new personal and professional growth. Choosing to engage with an experienced branding photographer who understands the anxieties women feel goes a long way towards making women over 50 feel at ease, and relaxed during their photo session!


Who do you want to be?

Before you begin a session with a branding photographer, ask yourself, what do you hope to convey with your images? Have an idea in mind before your session even begins! If you have an idea for what you want your images to convey be sure to communicate that with your photographer! Kelly Weaver is an experienced branding photographer and expertly coaches clients through overcoming their fears by coming alongside them, talking through different poses, and ultimately drawing out the parts of themselves that they love and want to see reflected in their images.

When to reach out

If you are in need of extra support, don’t hesitate to reach out!  Keep in mind that the hallmark of any mental health concern is if the thoughts you have about yourself are getting in the way of you living your normal life, or getting through your normal day. That is when you know you may need to reach out and have someone come alongside you for and be the support you need to feel better about yourself!

It is so important for all women, and especially those over 40 and 50 to feel seen and heard for who they have worked so hard to become!


If you are ready for your personal branding photoshoot, click here to chat with Kelly Weaver!


For those of you who may be currently going through a difficult season or would like advice on how to feel like the best version of yourself, reach out to Debi at DSR Counseling.

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