Behind the Scenes: Denver Women in Business Networking Event

Behind the scenes

Hello, my name is Carrie! This summer I am so excited to be interning with Kelly, Kelly Weaver Photography, in downtown Littleton, Colorado! On June 13, Kelly hosted a special event for the Denver Women in Business group and I was fortunate to help out with the planning leading up to the event and behind the scenes!

I would love to share with you some of the behind the scenes from that special afternoon. Before the event, I had assisted with several photo sessions and witnessed first hand how Kelly interacts with her clients in a way that immediately relaxes them and put them at ease. Seeing her talk at The Denver Women in Business Networking event was no different! Her genuine interest, engagement and ability to naturally connect comes across in all her interactions, whether it’s with an individual or a small group. It’s so fun to watch her in action!

Behind the Scenes

On the day of the event the women were directed to the conference room, where they were warmly greeted and offered food and drinks. The women mingled for a while and introduced themselves. As the event began, Kelly directed their attention to the founders of Denver Women in Business and everyone settled in.

“Love Your Headshots, Love Yourself”

In addition to hosting,  Kelly gave a presentation titled, “Headshots as Self Care:  Love your Headshots, Love Yourself”. While you may not initially think of photography as self-care, there are a few things to consider:


  • Your audience wants to not only SEE you, they want to FEEL you
  • Your audience buys YOU first, then what you are offering second
  • When you feel good about your headshots, you present a different energy to the world
  • Level of self acceptance and authenticity


When you have headshots that make you feel good about yourself, your clients will pick up on that as well!  Images you LOVE should be in your physical space not only to remind yourself what an incredible individual you are, but to give yourself confidence that your clients will see your genuine self shining through your images!

To see some of Kelly’s headshot portraits, click here!

Break Out Groups

After Kelly’s presentation, the women broke up into small groups to further discuss topics such as mental health, professional growth, work environment and boundaries. As the women continued discussing and getting to know one another, I saw camaraderie forming and felt a sense of belonging. Genuine connection is not hard to come by positive and intentional interactions. It was such a fulfilling experience to be a part of!

As the event came to a close, I heard a number of people express their gratitude for the shared space, and the fact that they felt seen & heard. One of the women asked about upcoming events and her desire for a follow up on the topics presented and it was obvious she was not the only one who had taken Kelly’s words to heart.

It was a special event and I was honored to assist Kelly in hosting!

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