Peg“I decided I needed a new author photo for my new book coming out later this month. Then I found THE MOST AMAZING photographer. On the morning of our shoot I woke up feeling completely off. Not sick as a dog, but not in the game, ya know? And still, she got some great shots. My website hasn’t been updated yet (waiting to have by web guy do a whole lot at once), but the new photo is definitely on FB. I don’t look sick. If you’re thinking about stepping up your game with a professional headshot, I can totally recommend Kelly Weaver. This is NOT a paid advertisement. It’s just passing on something good to peers.— Peg Brantley, Novelist
Professional Headshots Denver“Not only did I have an absolute blast working with Kelly from start to finish, but I felt beautiful from start to finish. The photos were just amazing – I loved every single one and had a hard time picking my favorites! And I have never liked any pictures I’ve taken before – EVER.”— Aimee Meester, Marketing Aficionado
Darian“We love the pictures! I don’t know how we are going to narrow it down… It was a lot of fun for Darian!”— Kelly, mom of Darian, Eaglecrest High School Senior
Eric“Thanks Kelly.  I couldn’t be happier with how the pictures turned out!  They are just what I was hoping for.”— Janet, mom of a Eric, Regis High School Senior
Shaffer,Andrew“Wanted to say thanks again for the personal attention you gave Andrew. Also, for your compliments on his wardrobe selection and using his photo on your website. Of course as his mom I think he’s handsome! Anyway, we’re very pleased with his pictures and will probably order more – ha. Just can’t help it.”— Dayna, mom of Andrew, Heritage High School Senior
Diane“I knew I needed new photos and was dreading it. And I was apprehensive about someone doing my makeup, because NO ONE makes me look as good as I think I can do. Well, I was wrong. The makeup made my skin glow and eyes sparkle. I felt comfortable during the photo session because Kelly made it FUN! And she showed me thumbnails during the session, so I knew I was looking good, which made me more confident. When Kelly emailed the proofs, I liked them all so much, it was hard to choose. I have never EVER had that experience with my photos before! It was awesome! I feel younger, sexier and more professional.— Diane Evans, Realtor
 Professional Headshot Example“I am an author and I have gone to Kelly for all my professional photography needs. No matter what look I’m going for, professional, warm, fun, the important thing to me is to look real. She not only knows exactly how to accomplish that, but she makes me relax and actually enjoy the sessions. I can’t recommend her more highly.”— Jeanne C. Stein
Professional Head Shots Colorado“I just had two record months of business during a period of time which is normally a little slower.  In addition, I took the equivalent of a week off each month because life was so busy anyway.  When I stopped to think about it, I realized that more people commented on actually seeing my picture with info on the JLyn website and that was just updated in March.  Nobody ever mentioned seeing that info prior to March so I think the picture really worked. So, thank you so much for being such a great photographer and business advisor!”— Kim Conely
Professional Head Shot Online Dating“You got ‘the real me’ in a lot of these – I’ve already gotten positive feedback…so thank you again, you’re great.”— Christopher Doig, Online Dater
Dating Headshots Colorado“I joined an online dating site, and the comments back on my photos have been amazing. Things like “great photo!” and “your profile really stands out from the crowd”. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you!”— Keith Sanford