10 Dating Turnoffs AFTER Your Photo Gets You a Date!

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If you’ve been reading my blogs and my website, you know that I specialize in dating photography. But what is dating photography? It’s taking photos that will appear on your dating profiles!  Swap out those cell phone images and the ones you’ve cropped your friend out and invest in showcasing yourself in an authentic, natural way that highlights YOU.  Online dating does have a vast pool of candidates so you need to stand out to catch the eye of the right mate. And your profile image is the first impression that gets them to click on your page and contact you – so it’s the MOST crucial part of online dating! Don’t leave that to a cell phone and bad lighting. I highly recommend professional photos that look natural, easy, and relatable.

Hear from my happy daters who are on their way to a love match:

Okay. I hate getting my picture taken. I always feel awkward. I decided though to get quality online dating photos taken and after researching, decided to go with Kelly Weaver Photography based in downtown Littleton. What a GREAT experience! Kelly is an expert at helping you feel relaxed and actually, dare I say it, enjoy the process. She is very thorough in her pre-session instructions and guidance, as well as post-session. If you are looking to update your image, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Kelly Weaver Photography.

Kelly is amazing at what she does! The whole process from start to finish was fluid and easy. I am not always comfortable taking pictures but Kelly’s energy and excitement for what she does really created a fun and self-loving environment. Also- the pictures are amazing! I had so many that I loved, it was hard to choose my favorites but I’m making so many more connections online than I had in the past!

Now let’s say you’ve gotten the best images from my package and you’re lining up dates left and right! Your potential perfect match is getting closer and closer!  The next step is to shine and be your same authentic self on your dates!  The photos only open the door so check out these dating TURN OFFs that you should avoid as you venture into in-person dates.

10 Dating TURN OFFS

1.    You’re on the phone during much of the date

Put the phone on silent and leave it in your pocket! It will be noticeable that you are fully committing your attention to your date and not checking every buzz. Resist the temptation!

2.    There’s too much ex talk

Your date isn’t usually ready to hear about your past on a first date so keep the focus on you NOW, that’s who they are interested in anyway!

3.    Indecisiveness

There’s nothing worse than circling around preference questions and both people say “Whatever you prefer” etc. Take the lead and the initiative to say what you want or make the decision for the group as it could be a turn ON and shows confidence!

4.    You are a space invader

Personal space is key when you are getting to know someone. Try to read their body language if they are looking for the physicality to bump up or stay neutral.

5.    Disrespecting the waiter

In the early stages of dating, your potential mate will watch how you interact with others so treat everyone with respect as it will show them how they could eventually expect to be treated.  No one wants to be with someone who is rude to others so don’t show power in the form of disrespect.

6.    Bad breath or food in your teeth

Pop in the breath mint or gum before you leave the car and be sure to check the mirror after meals 🙂

7.    Being overconfident (or too humble)

Yes, your date wants to learn about you – but keep the dial on medium. Don’t overindulge in your successes unless you are asked more follow-up questions by your date. But don’t shy away from patting yourself on the back here and there so they can get to see the great person you are! Think of tactful ways to discuss your achievements or highlights and be sure to ask follow-up questions to your date about their life too!

8.    Having poor taste in footwear

It may be the last thing you put on before you head out the door but people DO notice this. Dress for the weather & the location. Don’t wear flip-flops unless it’s appropriate. Footwear ties your outfit together so take a few minutes to be sure the colors match, the shoes are clean and they fit your look & location.

9.    Being too full on, too quickly

Coming on too strong is one of the best ways to never see a second date! You might be super excited but don’t order wedding invites or talk too much about future plans unless it feels reciprocated. You certainly want to express your feelings but keep it at bay in the early moments so you don’t risk seeming like you’re moving too fast without really understanding your mate’s comfort level. You could be seen as liking the “thought” of the person & the potential relationship vs the actual person.

10.  Being a bad communicator

As dating progresses, turn-offs become less about appearances and more about character and potential to be a partner. If you know your partner prefers consistent communication, then your inability to be consistent in texting back or following through can be a big red flag to them. Get to know what your partner expects and communicate about how you communicate or what you can do during the day. Get on the same page and work to make communication a priority to stay connected when apart!


As you venture into the in-person dates, the most important thing is to be authentic!  Remember, they liked your authentic photos from your profile so don’t put on a show and just be YOU!  Make sure to pace yourself, look beyond physical characteristics, communicate your wants, and always date from a place of integrity.

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